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I Ask For Your Vote For KIC Tribal Council
by Tonia J. Nebl


January 12, 2006
Thursday PM

I would like to ask for KIC Tribal Member votes on January 16th, 2006. The following question and answers show how I feel on a few issues. If elected I will make myself available to the membership so current needs are adressed.

I will promise to conduct myself with honesty and integrity. Respecting all points of view and serve the membership to the best of my ability.

Why are you running? Because I enjoy helping our people. I first ran for the Health Board in memory of my Grandma Flora Feller. After my year on the Health Board, and being a key supporter of the elder advocate position, it was great to see how the elders responded to the dinners. I feel that I am at a good point in my life to give the dedication that the position requires. I have one hand holding on the past and wanting to serve our elders (my grandpa has a great deal to do with that!) and one hand holding on to the future (I have a teenage son and another right behind him).

What makes a good council member? One that wants to serve in the position for the people, not for any political reasons. A person who is honest, fair and respectful. I feel that I will make a good Tribal Council Member because it is in my nature to care for others and to want to help them. This shows in both my professional life with the career that I chose and my personal life with my family.

What do you think the current priority is for KIC? Currently the subsistence issue is greatly important! We need the rural status to maintain that way of life and to be able to pass it down to the next generations. There is so much to learn about it when some like myself is raised to just go down to the local supermarket. It is more than a way of life it is a link to our past and our forefathers way of life. I only wish I had more time with my Grandparents to learn the traditional ways. At least I still have my Grandfather Al, he recently taught my husband how to pickle herring.

With the current war at hand we also need to look after our veterans. Both current and past. They fought not only for our county but for us as a tribe. The were the original fighters for injustice and non-discrimination against natives. I am very proud of my grandfather who is a WWII veteran and my father who is a Vietnam veteran. I would like to see more benefits go to those that have served and believe that we need to help them achieve those benefits.

Also, education of our youth is VERY imperative to the future of the whole tribe. Not only school education but culture education. My teenage son has learned many traditional ways and taught me. My grandfather has so much to teach through his stories. Everyone has there one area of personal interest and education is mine.

If elected, what is the first thing you will do? Probably jump up and down, hug my husband and kids, thank those who supported me and then cry! I have a lot to learn and the best way is to listen, to experienced council members and the tribal members.

How do you think we can improve KIC? Find more funding, be fiscally responsible with those funds, and achieve the goals that are set during the strategic planning process. Both short and long term goals need to be put in place and looked at each year by each council and board. The clinic needs to expand to provide more services to the people. I would like to see the Health Board add alternative services like natural & traditional medicines and more preventative medicine. Unfortunately, we outgrew our clinic before we even moved.

Please exercise your right to vote!!

Haw'aa, (Thank You)
Tonia J. Nebl
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Tonia J. (Lahmeyer) Nebl is a ifelong KIC member and Ketchikan resident. She served on the KIC Health Board 2005, and was a KIC Health Clinic Executive Assistant 2004. She is a mother, wife, daughter & granddaughter.



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