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More on the Wiretapping Controversy
By Theresa Cullen


January 11, 2006
Wednesday AM

Dear Sitnews Editor,
In his January 9th letter in your great Opinion section, which by the way has more interesting comments in it from all points of view than any other magazine or newspaper on the planet, Robert Freedland backs up his "George Bush is bad because he wiretaps" charges  with all the other liberal Democratic hackneyed accusaions that were rejected by the voters in the last Presidential Election.  I carefully read what he says and he reveals himself as someone just pitching the tired old Democrat talking points.  Here are some examples;
The FISA Courts would slowdown the administration and might in some cases overrule the administration making it harder to fight terrorists.  The 72 hour after the fact part of the deal is just stupid.  If the CIA wiretapped a terrorist and the FISA Court said it was wrong 72 hours later, what would happen?  Would the CIA have to give the terrorists his bombs back and let him blow up a subway someplace?  The law is unconstitutional.  I am glad George Bush thinks so much of my safety that he is willing to challenge this bad law which will be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court sooner or later.  the easy, Democrat style would be to just do nothing.
Wiretaps and Homeland Security as implemented by George Bush sure as Hell would have stopped 9/11.  You can bet your stethoscope on that Dr, Freedland.  It wasn't George Bush who was slow to confront Osama and his gang.  The Clintons let the terrorists attack us all over the world for years doing nothing about it which made the terrorists braver. They were sure we would not even try to stop them.  George Bush destroyed the terrorist bases, killed thousands of them LISTENS IN TO THEIR SECRET PLANNIG COMMUNICATIONS and since 9/11 there have been no additional attacks here in the USA.  This is not a coincidence!  Oh, and Valerie Plame was not a CIA operative when her name came out and nobody has been convicted but has the good doctor taken away the presumption of innocence for all those except Democrats?
The stem cell business and the creationism flap are evidence that our President is sensitive the feelings and beliefs of all Americans.  Stem cell research is not regulated in the private sector but many Catholics and fundamental Christians have a problem with tax money going to things they feel are immoral.  Do it with private money is the answer.  Creationism Vs evolution is a similar problem as very religious people feel that teaching evolution can undermine the religious lessons young children receive at home and church.  We do need a middle ground on this.  Sadaam's WMDs still may be hidden somewhere in the middle east and remember that Hillary Clinton and her husband and all world leaders, even the French believed Sadaam had them.  Better safe than sorry.  Would we have been smarter to wait for Sadaam to finish blowing up New York by sharing his nukes and germ weapons with the Taliban and Al Qaeda?
The Democrats lost the election.  George Bush is President at a tough time in our history and given the world situation, he is doing a great job.
Theresa Cullen
Fairbanks, AK - USA

About: Theresa Cullen wrote, "I know you want to know about the people who write to you.  I am presently a housewife and this is the first letter to a newspaper I have ever written.  It just bothers me when I see people picking on our President who I believe is a good man trying to do a very hard job.  I have teaching credentials myself and when my two young sons, ages 3 and 5 start school, I will be back in the classroom myself.  You have very smart people who write letters to you.  I have learned quite a bit about what people think by reading Sitnews.  I love your front page pictures too."


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