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Wiretapping controversy
By Robert Freedland


January 07, 2006


The recent controversy about the NSA wiretapping is not about the President needing to do this snooping without court orders to save time. This is this Administration's arrogance and usurpation of power.

The FISA courts allow for immediate implementation of wiretaps without court orders as long as such requests are cleared by the FISA courts within 72 hours AFTER they have been placed. This President decided he was above the law and ignored the courts. He essentially has stated that he is above the law and shall continue to ignore the legal requirements for wiretapping.

In fact, in 2004, the Assistant Attorney General Comey as well as the Attorney General Ashcroft objected to many aspects of these wiretaps.

American freedoms will not be lost by outside forces that overpower our unrivaled military power in the world. We are at greater risk from those inside our government who steal our civil liberties and freedom in the name of endless wars against terrorism.

I am afraid that process has already begun.

Robert Freedland
La Crosse, WI - USA


About: Robert Freedland is a physician practicing in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He has an interest in politics and is an amateur blogger as well as investor.



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