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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
May 13, 2013

Front Page Photo by CINDY BALZER

Big ball of herring at Knudson Cove last Thursday afternoon. This photo only shows a portion of the herring that were in the area.
  Front Page Photo by CINDY BALZER ©2013
(Please respect the rights of photographers, never republish or copy
without permission and/or payment of required fees.)



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Southeast Alaska: Sealaska Income Nearly Doubles, Share value decreases - Sealaska is transforming according to the annual report to more than 21,000 tribal member shareholders, The 2012 annual report was published on May 9th by Southeast Alaska’s regional Native corporation (Sealaska). According to the annual 2012 report, both gross revenues and net income were up in 2012 over the previous year.

The report contains financial data from an annual independent audit of the company’s consolidated financials of the previous fiscal year, January 1 through December 31. Sealaska’s consolidated continuing operations produced revenues of $311.6 million in 2012, up from $263.8 million in 2011. Net income is $11.3 million, up from net income of $6.8 million in 2011.

Sealaska’s total assets at December 31, 2012 of $386.3 million grew 4.8 percent from $368.7 million at December 31, 2011.

According to the report, Sealaska shareholders’ equity was $269.5 million at the end of 2012, which increased from $262.1 million at the end of 2011. Sealaska earned $11.3 million of net income in 2012 and paid shareholder dividends of $4.9 million.

Sealaska has businesses in environmental remediation and construction, forest products, information technology outsourcing, and manufacturing, among others, but the leading contributors to 2012 profitability were financial market investment returns and ANCSA section 7(i) natural resource revenue sharing. Sealaska is financially very strong according to Sealaska President and CEO Chris E. McNeil Jr. and the annual report illustrates an “excellent balance sheet.”

“Sealaska is transforming itself and redefining its path to long-term economic sustainability,” stated McNeil in a letter to tribal member shareholders. “Our goal is that, within the next three years, Sealaska will continue to be profitable even without including ANCSA Section 7(i) revenue.” - More...
Monday - May 13, 2013

Fish Factor: Ups and downs for Alaska’s biggest seafood buyers By LAINE WELCH - Between 60 and 70 percent of Alaska’s seafood is exported to customers around the globe, and the strength of foreign currencies against the US dollar plays a big role in annual sales.  Tracking by the Juneau-based McDowell Group for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute shows mid-year ups and downs for Alaska’s biggest seafood buyers.

On the down side:  The Japanese yen has taken a 20% drop versus the dollar this year – not good for Alaska seafood exporters.  Japan is a leading buyer of salmon roe, pollock roe, surimi, sablefish (black cod), and crab.  Likewise, the British pound has weakened by roughly 6 percent since the beginning of the year; the UK is Alaska’s biggest buyer of canned sockeye salmon.

On the up side:  Europe is Alaska's largest export market for frozen pollock, cod, salmon and surimi.  The Euro, the currency used by 23 countries, is trading at about the same value versus the dollar as at this time last year. Last summer the Euro was really weak, so this year could be better for exporters selling to the Euro zones.     

Exchange rates between the Chilean peso and the US dollar impact trade prices for farmed salmon in the US, which in turn  affects  demand for wild, Alaska salmon - especially  fresh and frozen pinks and chums.  The peso is currently very strong versus the dollar - that’s good for Alaska, the report says, because it makes the price of imported Chilean salmon more expensive from an American point of view. - More...
Monday - May 13, 2013

Alaska: National Strategy for the Arctic Region Announced - The Arctic is rapidly changing. While the Arctic region has experienced warming and cooling cycles over millennia, the current warming trend is unlike anything previously recorded. As sea ice diminishes, ocean resources are more readily accessible. This accessibility, along with recent scientific estimates indicating the presence of significant energy and other resources, have inspired strong interest for new commercial initiatives in the region, including energy production, increased shipping, scientific research, tourism, and related infrastructure development.

Friday, President Obama's administration released the National Strategy for the Artic Region. Through this strategy, the administartion will be setting the United States Government’s strategic priorities for the Arctic region. These priorities are intended to position the United States to respond effectively to emerging opportunities – while simultaneously pursuing efforts to protect and conserve this unique environment.

The priorities include: advancing U.S. security interests, pursuing responsible Arctic region stewardship, and strengthening U.S. international cooperation. The strategy will be to advance these priorities in a manner that: safeguards peace and stability in the region, utilizes the best available information for decisions, emphasizes the use of innovative arrangements, and underscores the importance of consulting and coordinating with Alaskan Native communities.

The National Strategy for the Arctic Region recognizes the nation's existing policy structure and ongoing efforts by more than 20 federal departments and agencies as well as U.S. Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski, Representative Don Young, the State of Alaska, and Alaskan Native communities, which has been underway for decades.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) welcomed the administration’s Strategy for the Arctic Region, to set a tone for the Arctic Council’s meeting this week in Sweden – where she has been invited to join Secretary of State John Kerry due to her leadership on Arctic issues on Capitol Hill. 

Murkowski said, “I welcome the release of the Administration’s National Strategy for the Arctic Region, identifying strategic priorities for the United States in the Arctic Region for the next 10 years – and their top line acknowledgement that America is an Arctic Nation.  As the Strategy notes, issues such as circumpolar maritime transit, greater access to resources, and the needs of the indigenous people of the Arctic are coming to the forefront and the Arctic’s importance to the United States as a nation demands greater attention." - More...
Monday - May 13, 2013

Alaska: Kali leaves the Alaska Zoo to join polar bear cub Luna at the Buffalo Zoo - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announded today that Kali, the polar bear cub rescued in March from the Point Lay area of Alaska, will leave the Alaska Zoo on May 14, arriving at New York’s Buffalo Zoo on May 15. Kali (pronounced Cully, the Inupiat name for Point Lay), a 65-pound cub, will join young female cub Luna where both cubs will benefit from each other’s company. Under the care of Alaska Zoo staff Kali has adjusted well to his surroundings, more than tripling in size and weight.

ali leaves the Alaska Zoo to join polar bear cub Luna at the Buffalo Zoo

Kali leaves the Alaska Zoo to join polar bear cub Luna at the Buffalo Zoo
Photo Credit: John Gomes
Courtesy USFW Service

“The Alaska Zoo has done a tremendous job of providing excellent, temporary care for Kali,” said Service Director Dan Ashe. “I would like to personally thank the zoo for stepping up – at moment’s notice – to care for this cub. Now, as Kali leaves Alaska for his next short-term home, we are confident that the Buffalo Zoo will provide the best of care for Kali as the Service makes a final determination on a permanent home for the cub.”

On March 12, the Service received word that a female polar bear had been shot near Point Lay, Alaska. The adult female was accompanied by a cub, which was transferred first to the community of Point Lay, and then to the North Slope Borough’s Department of Wildlife Management in Barrow, Alaska. After the cub was examined and observed to be in good condition, the Service asked the Alaska Zoo to temporarily care for it. Alaska Airlines flew the cub to Anchorage where it was met by Service and Alaska Zoo staff. - More....
Monday - May 13, 2013


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letter The Whisper App and your kids By Jessica Travis - I am appalled at the recent talk about the "whisper app" and what's even more disconcerting is what our youth, right here in Ketchikan are using this app for bullying. These things may be hidden under the guise of "anonymous" - but the words and photos being posted are not. Parents, you should be outraged! Take a look at this app. Search your child's phone and/or other devices for this app and see what they are posting. Some of the things that I have seen posted since I found out about this: - More...
Monday PM - May 13, 2013

letter Speed Limits North and South of Ketchikan By Marlene Steiner - I would like to know why that the State of Alaska DOT has different speed limits, one going to Beaver Falls and two going to the end of the road out north. - More...
Monday PM - May 13, 2013

letter S.340 Transfers Public Wildlife Habitat to Private Ownership By Bruce Baker - Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s S.340 would transfer some of the highest quality old-growth wildlife habitat on the Tongass National Forest to Sealaska Corporation for clear-cut logging.  The bill is not necessary to fulfill Sealaska’s land selection entitlement under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).  It is a poor conservation tradeoff, and it is certainly NOT in the public interest. - More...
Monday PM - May 13, 2013

letter RE: Trolls & Fraudsters By Douglas J. Thompson - Well you had me going there Mr. Hanger.  I thought you were trying to convey a true and cogent point of view.  It wasn't until your second letter that I realized you were doing a parody of the gun control position.  When I realized you had not included or responded to one legal or historical fact, failed to address any opposing argument, arbitrarily threw out the Amendments and by extension the whole Constitution with its rule of law, filled your letters with disinformation, went off on irrelevant tangents, then the Bush/Obhama tactic of labeling any opposition as "terrorist" that I caught on.  By the way thanks for the great compliment of calling me a "traitor" and "terrorist".  That stands me in great company as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and all the other founding fathers.  The Sons of Liberty were called terrorists in their time also.  Trouble is it is hard to take a compliment that is given in context of a greater jest. - More...
Monday PM - May 13, 2013

letter RE: Trolls & Fraudsters By LCDR James Thompson USN - Mr Hanger, in response to your letter implying I'm a troll or a fraudster several points of rebuttal are in order; - More...
Monday PM - May 13, 2013

letterSEAPA Study Is Needed By Sam Bergeron - SEAPA is unique in all of America. There really is nothing quite like it anywhere. SEAPA is a monopoly power generation and power distribution organization on a closed system that services three communities on three different islands in an archipelago in Southeast Alaska. It’s far and away a most unique situation in the hydro community that needs a consultant’s perspective to insure we are meeting the best interests' of the people we serve and represent. - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter Congress Considers S.340.  An Alaska Big-Tree Old Growth Transfer to Private Corporation By Don Cornelius and Jack Gustafson - Legislation sponsored by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) would transfer approximately 70,000 acres of public land in scattered locations across Alaska’s Tongass National Forest to the Sealaska Corporation, primarily for extensive industrial scale clearcut logging other commercial development. - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter Sealaska's Spin Fools No One By Don Hernandez -A recent Sitnews opinion piece by Sealaska vice president Rick Harris asserted their lands bill S.340 would not set a precedent reopening the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). His assertion however conflicts with Sealaska's own comments. Jaeleen Aruajo, Chief Counsel for Sealaska Corporation admitted as much before a US Senate committee in 2011 saying, "And I also would submit that if other regions have similar inequities or problems in their region then they should present those to Congress and have a similar public process that we are going through to have their issues, I guess, judged and identified and to determine if they have a right to have some congressional action as well." - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter BILL WALKER, ALASKAN TO THE CORE By Donna Walker - When my husband, Bill Walker, recently announced his intentions to seek the 2014 Republican gubernatorial nomination, I had the honor of giving this introduction for him. - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter Crime Pays By Jim Shoemaker - I read with amazement in today’s paper about the possible plea deal for an person allegedly charged with 16 counts of Misapplication of Property and 17 counts of second degree theft and was close to a plea deal that would or could possibly be reduced to one count of misapplication of property. - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter 2nd Amendment By Ken Leland - As to Mr. Johnson's observation, the second amendment was written to protect the citizen FROM the Government, not the other way around. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who observed that the Government should be afraid of the Citizens, not the Citizens afraid of the Government. - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter Sealaska Shareholder Inequites By Joe Mehrkens - It is unfortunate that private corporations were made the primary vehicle to distribute the wealth to Alaska Natives under the ANCSA. Corporate board rooms and executive leadership are one of the least democratic institutions in Western society. So Mr. Salvato's documentation of gross inequities comes as no surprise. - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter TROLLS & FRAUDSTERS (OH YAWN) By David G. Hanger - Having long since experienced the methods of internet trolls and fraudsters; I particularly remember the massive internet Ponzi schemes like Pips that I contributed to exposing some years back; when I take on a subject I know will be controversial, I always leave a few snares along the way to catch the trolls and the fraudsters as they come along; invariably exposing themselves for what they are.  - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter Where are the Value for Value appraisals By Joe Mehrkens - The Executive Vice President protests too much. If he was justified in the defense of S.340 as good science and good economics he would cite a value for value analysis for this anything but fair exchange. - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter Radical socialistic views By Chris J. Herby - I like to read letters on SitNews but it is quite rare that I feel compelled to write one myself as I do now. I want to give a sincere thank-you to both Douglas and James Thompson for the direct and well written letters they wrote in response to the rambling, offensive, and factless letter about guns by David Hanger. - More...
Wednesday - May 08, 2013

letter RE: Of Guns and Museum Pieces By LCDR James Thompson USN - In response to Mr Hanger's previous letter, I could not help but retort. There are several points I would like to make. First of all as an Afghanistan War Veteran I find his assertion that he knows more about weapons as a member of the military than a civilian would, both snide and repugnant. I am active duty US Navy, and as a member of the US Navy Marksmanship Team and having shot at the national matches at Camp Perry Ohio, I can attest most of the best shots in the US are in fact civilian shooters. The fact that he is not aware of this showcases how ignorant he is of the facts. - More...
Tuesday AM - May 07, 2013

letter Millions to Board Members & Managers By Dominic Salvato - Mr.Richard Harris's letter in favor of the Sealaska bill needs to be read between the lines. For almost 40 years Sealaska propaganda stated the corporation logged at sustainable rates. Now it's come to light that Sealaska wasn't logging at sustainable rates. This comes as a surprise to most shareholders, but there is a reason. - More...
Tuesday AM - May 07, 2013

letter Observation By A. M. Johnson - Isn't it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber, but after a shooting, the problem is the gun! - More...
Tuesday AM - May 07, 2013

letter GSACC Propagates Urban Legends and Offers Uninformed Opinion on S.340, the “Southeast Alaska Native Lands Finalization and Jobs By Rick Harris - I read with great interest the April 25th “viewpoint” by David Beebe of the Greater Southeast Alaska Conservation Community (GSACC). - More...
Saturday AM - May 04, 2013

letter Sealaska Lands Bill By Joe Mehrkens - Senator Murkowski’s recent press release concerning the Sealaska bill (S.340) rationalizes her Tongass giveaway on basis that Sealaska Corp was treated unfairly under ANCSA.  Even more disturbing, she spins S.340 as not creating a precedent for another round of Native entitlements -- when it actually does.  Senator Murkowski glosses over the lopsided S340 trade that avoided value- for-value appraisals at all costs.  Simply stated, S.340 give Sealaska a blank check to the public’s resources outside the box -- a huge windfall for the Sealaska’s Boardroom, a huge loss to the rest of us, and a major precedent for the further rounds of ANCSA entitlements. - More...
Saturday AM - May 04, 2013

letter Second Amendment By Douglas J. Thompson - I write in response to an argument most recently made by David Hanger concerning the right to bear arms.  Mr. Hanger displays a complete lack of the context and history in which the Second Amendment was formulated. - More...
Saturday AM - May 04, 2013

letter RE: Of guns & museum pieces By Don Sivertsen - After reading David Hanger's letter dated April 30, Of guns and museum pieces, I simply have to respond!  First of all, Mr. Hanger does taxes for people - that tells me he's book-smart.  And that's not a bad thing... But it doesn't mean that he's generally smart.  Obviously, he's far from "people-smart."  His very insinuations make that quite plain! - More...
Saturday AM - May 04, 2013 

letter A waste of money! By Paul G. Jaehnert - While millions of confiscated guns are currently being destroyed by federal, state and local governments, why can't many of these guns instead be expropriated for use by law enforcement agencies and/or the U.S. military? - More...
Saturday AM - May 04, 2013

letter 50th Anniversary of AMHS - May 1 celebration By Judith Green - It is "may day" - a day to dance around the 'may' pole. Well, Ketchikan had its own "dance" today - around the decks of the Malaspina. What a wonderful afternoon was spent onboard, admiring once again, the grand lady of the SE coastline "Malaspina". The turn out of community members was a thrill - from the very young in strollers with mom and dad to the older generation, every age in between, and those who needed special assistance - and nary a complaint was heard. What I did overhear - many crew members exclaiming, with total awe, about the large crowd of people that just kept coming and coming. Many varied activities went ahead without a glitch - rain? so! we live in Ketchikan, the rain capitol. - More...
Saturday AM - May 04, 2013

letter Sale of Post Office owned buildings By P.J. Travis - Reminds us of the Bellevue, WA, downtown Post Office Building sold in 2012 and now in negotiation to lease back. - More...
Saturday AM - May 04, 2013

letter Open Letter: Religion and the Military By A. M. Johnson - Dear Senator Murkowski, Truly must have missed your phone call while you were visiting K-Town this week, tragic, we could have discussed many subjects that seemingly are not on your agenda. The following demands Senatorial action to address this insidious attack on our Judo-Christian religious foundation. Perhaps you are unaware. I am not surprised hence my duty to bring this to your attention and request a formal response. Curious people want to know. As habit, CC to Sitnews. - More...
Saturday AM - May 04, 2013

letter OF GUN NUTS AND MUSEUM PIECES By David G. Hanger - I have no idea what political calculus Senator Mark Begich has come up with to justify his recent performance with the question of background checks for gun purchases; the idea that it is too emotional a time, his words, is pathetic. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 30, 2013

letter RE: The Truth about the Herring By Sam Bergeron - Terri Wenger Anderson thinks if you call someone names their argument will be moot. Turns out the guy your bad mouthing has been sounding the clarion call to action on the commercial harvest of herring for quite some time. His points are fact based, well researched and absent of vitriol and name-calling; we should all strive to write as well. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 30, 2013

letter To Be Fed By Ravens By Judith Green - Our community has so much talent and strength to share - it is wonderful. Many groups of school age children in the arts and sports - we applaud their efforts and enjoy watching and listening as they perform. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 30, 2013

letter Ketchikan's water is more contaminated than you think! By Ed Plute - When consumed in drinking water HAA are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Links have been made between exposure to HAA concentrations above the maximum contaminent level and injury to the liver, kidney, eyes, nerves and the reproductive system. There is not a significant risk of HAAs in drinking water to be absorbed through skin. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 30, 2013

letter Post Office buildings for sale! By A. M. Johnson - Following is a letter submitted to Senator Murkowski regarding hanky panky going on within her Senate and nobody is asking questions. So I have. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 30, 2013

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