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The Whisper App and your kids

By Jessica Travis


May 13, 2013
Monday PM

I am appalled at the recent talk about the "whisper app" and what's even more disconcerting is what our youth, right here in Ketchikan are using this app for bullying. These things may be hidden under the guise of "anonymous" - but the words and photos being posted are not. Parents, you should be outraged! Take a look at this app. Search your child's phone and/or other devices for this app and see what they are posting. Some of the things that I have seen posted since I found out about this:

"(First name) at Kayhi should kill herself. She is a slut"
"(First name, last initial) needs deodorant. So gross"
"(First name, last initial) gives blow jobs at such-and-such location"

**yes, they ARE posting peoples' NAMES and PHOTOS**

Which leads to posts like:

"I want to kill myself because everyone is so mean to me"
"I'm such a loser, everyone at my school hates me"
"I feel invisible"

To which responses are:

"Just do it already. No one likes you anyway"
"Kill yourself. Make sure you cut down the artery, and not across it"
"You are. You are nothing"


Be an ACTIVE parent in your child's life, and that includes what they are doing online. Stop this behavior NOW - before someone gets hurt. Suicide is NOT a joke. Bullying is NOT an option.

Jessica Travis
Ketchikan, Alaska

About: "Mother of two elementary aged children"

Received May 09, 2013 - Published May 13, 2013




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