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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
Thursday PM
February 28, 2013

Front Page Photo By KEN ARRIOLA

Harriett Hunt Lake
In this recent photo of Harriett Hunt Lake, George Inlet is visible in the background.
Front Page Photo By KEN ARRIOLA ©2013
(Please respect the rights of photographers, never republish or copy
without permission and/or payment of required fees.)


Ketchikan: AP&T analysis suggests SEAPA buyout option By Greg Knight, Wrangell Sentinel - An analysis of the financial status of the Southeast Alaska Power Agency by Alaska Power & Telephone is estimating what the member utilities it serves are valued at – and makes a conclusion that the member municipalities of Wrangell, Petersburg and Ketchikan should take over ownership of the Tyee Lake and Swan Lake power plants. - Read this Wrangell Sentinel article...


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Ketchikan: KETCHIKAN CITY PARK... Lighted Fountain and All - A Feature Story By JUNE ALLEN - Ketchikan's unique and serene little park on the bank of upper Ketchikan Creek has been a city treasure since the years it was created during the late 1920s and early 1930s.

KETCHIKAN CITY PARK... Lighted Fountain and All

The amazing fountain in Ketchikan's
unique and serene little park...
Feature Photo by CINDY BALZER ©2013

When the park's meandering stream and ponds were first built, probably in the second decade of the century, they were the arteries of an Alaska Packers salmon hatchery. A large wooden building straddled one of the narrow streams. It had quarters for the hatchery caretaker's family. Sixty-plus years later, in 1989, when the park's fountain was being restored, volunteer worker Ray Roady would recall that he had dated the hatchery manager's daughter back about 1925!

Canneries, usually located at the mouths of salmon streams, were required to build hatcheries upstream, in the interests of conservation. Some of the canneries complied with that federal order from the Department of Fisheries, and were genuinely rearing and releasing fish - like the one on Ketchikan Creek. Others in more remote locations were said to be token hatcheries, doing very little to assist the And then the over-fished salmon industry sagged in the late 1920s and the Ketchikan Creek hatchery was abandoned.

Somehow City Power & Light must have fallen heir to the property or purchased it, because the hatchery building was moved just across the road and used as a warehouse for the utility company's powerhouse. Then in 1935, the City bought the power company, renamed it KPU, and the old hatchery building became a building for Ketchikan's fairs in the late 1930s and served several other purposes over the years - from dances to roller skating.

At the time the hatchery was abandoned, a prosperous and genial Irish gentleman named Peter Gilmore eyed that piece of deteriorating fish-pond property. Pete came to Ketchikan in 1899 from the gold fields of the north and loved the country. He even named one of his daughters Alaska. He bought property on the waterfront and opened a saloon facing Front Street, the Emerald, with rental rooms above and a bowling alley below on the dock level. It was across from today's historic Gilmore Hotel, built years later by Pete's brother Patrick. He prospered and built a turreted home nicknamed Gilmore's Castle on Grant Street.

The late Stan Oaksmith remembered that Pete was a city employee in the late 1920s and was in charge of the streets. Park Avenue and streets in that whole neighborhood in the area were all being improved at that time. Pete Gilmore began to see the possibilities of that pretty little park-like property along the creek. So he rolled up his sleeves and volunteered his time. Stan Oaksmith mentioned that the city was awfully tight with its purse-strings at that time! Over time Pete groomed and improved the ponds, shored up the sides of the little streams, kept brush cut and engineered the flow of the water onto the property. He planted trees and his volunteer work began to be noticed by others, especially by one, Jerry Murphy, one of the hardest workers.

Others came to help, too, building little walkways from area to area, bridging the streams, donating shrubs or flowers. The Balcom family donated rocks collected from all over the world by pioneer Mercedes Balcom. They were set into a concrete pedestal that supported a brass sundial. A little rock lighthouse also was added to the park's attractions. And central to the park's attractions was the main pond with the lighted fountain in the middle. The park had always been a popular place. But times change.

By 1989, the park's attractions were in sorry shape. The sundial was missing and the pedestal vandalized. The lighthouse was also damaged. The fountain hadn't operated in at least 15 years and no one remembered when the lighting had last worked. Tourism was increasing steadily and the city was considering having the fountain repaired and restored. But the estimate came in at $30,000!

It was then that Jim Carlton (later borough mayor) made a case for taking on the fountain job and the Ketchikan Lions Club made the City an offer: "We'll do it! We'll do it for you for nothing!" It was the same spirit of volunteerism that had built the park in the first place. And the Lions, known locally for taking care of the "labor" type jobs for the community - like the school bus shelter-building and placing for school bus stops - set to work. The job was headed by Lions Jim Carlton and Ray Roady, Lion Club charter member and longtime resident who was past 80 years of age at the time and worked long after younger members had pooped out. - More...
Thursday PM - February 28, 2013

Southeast Alaska: Economic Growth through Dargon Point Young-Growth Management - As part of a plan to transition from old-growth to young-growth harvest, the Tongass National Forest is offering profitable young-growth sales as they become available. The Dargon Point project, the most recent young-growth project on the Forest, will provide timber to the current Southeast Alaska timber industry.

“This project is in line with the intent of the Transition Framework, which outlines a commitment to economic growth that’s environmentally responsible in Southeast Alaska. A young-growth management program is a key part of that vision and I am excited to take an active role in moving that program forward,” said Perry Edwards, Acting Thorne Bay District Ranger. “This area has one of the higher concentrations of young-growth that has grown to commercial size on the Tongass.”

The Dargon Point project identifies around 2.5 million board feet (MMBF) of mature (60-70 years old) young-growth timber from a 70 acre stand. Methods include clear-cutting 54 acres and thinning 16 beach fringe acres. The selected alternative was created in response to public scoping of the proposed action for the project. Approximately one mile of new road will be constructed using an existing rock pit. The project area is located near Naukati on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. - More...
Thursday PM - February 28, 2013

Federal Subsistence Fishery For Eulachon Closed in Federal Waters Within District 1 - Ketchikan-Misty Fiords District Ranger Jeff DeFreest announced he is acting immediately to protect eulachon stocks in waters that flow into District 1 due to anticipated low eulachon returns in 2013. The District Ranger, as in-season manager, is closing the Federal Public waters draining into District 1 to the taking of eulachon by all users from 12:01 A.M., Friday, March 1, 2013 until 11:59 P.M., April 29, 2013. This action has been coordinated with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), who also issued an Emergency Order close subsistence and personal use eulachon fishing in District 1. Any eulachon caught in this area must be immediately returned into the water unharmed.

Few eulachon have returned to the Burroughs Bay area since 2003. Similar closures have been issued by the USDA Forest Service for eulachon within the Burroughs Bay area from 2006 through 2012. DeFreest stated, “Eulachon are an important subsistence fish for many residents of Southeast Alaska, so I’m acting to protect these stocks to rebuild fish populations for the future”.

The strength of eulachon returns is determined by monitoring the amount of harvest by fishermen and through observations made by Forest Service and ADF&G personnel. In 2004, only 1,500 pounds of eulachon were harvested and very low numbers of returning eulachon were observed. In 2005 through 2010, no fish were harvested and very few eulachon were seen in the area. In 2011 and 2012, returns of unknown size occurred in Burroughs Bay and Carroll Inlet.

Very little is known about the eulachon after they leave the river system for saltwater. Since the projected escapement of eulachon in District 1 for 2013 is unknown, but thought to be low based on previous adult returns, the eulachon fishery will be closed to all users to provide for spawning escapement needs.

The eulachon life cycle is typically a five year period. Based on the numbers observed for the last two years it is not likely a harvestable surplus will be present in 2013. It is anticipated that all eulachon returning to District 1 during 2013 will be needed for spawning escapement in hopes of rebuilding area eulachon populations. Because of this reason, combined with direction to manage for healthy stocks, Federal public waters draining into District 1 will be closed to the taking of eulachon by all users in 2013 to provide for conservation of eulachon. - More...
Thursday PM - February 28, 2013


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letter Rights By Amanda Mitchell - Government has a purpose and it is to protect our liberty and freedom. As our government has evolved into providing for us, more and more of our ‘rights’ have been defined and controlled by others. Some see this as equality. - More...
Thursday PM - February 28, 2013

letter The inconvenient pregnancy By Linda Beaupre - Mr Holston, it was with amusement that I read your recent ranting about a woman's right to choose (please note the word woman, not man). - More..
Thursday PM - February 28, 2013

letter Wrestling By Adam P. Minshall - Good day to all in the community.  My name is Adam P Minshall and I would like to thank all the hard working participants of the Kurt Kuehl Middle School Championship Wrestling event.  It's always a fun spectacle to watch these wrestling events in our area.  I feel that as a community in Southeast Alaska we have a group of amazing volunteers for our wrestling program.  Every time I go to the events it's a huge wrestling reunion, which really makes me appreciate all the hard work that our hardworking coaches put back in to our program.  It's a reflection of our town and coming togetherness for the kids in our area, and that's pretty important.  Wrestling builds a lot of character and I feel that most people that have wrestled or know a wrestler feel the same way.  It certainly is a unique sport that dates back to the days of the Greeks. - More...
Tuesday PM - February 26, 2013

letter Stop The HIT On Small Business By Denny DeWitt and Dan Danner - Three years since its passage, the law that had promised to drive down costs and make health insurance more affordable for working families is proving a failure on all fronts. This is especially true when it comes to small businesses, their workers and the self-employed in Alaska.  - More...
Tuesday PM - February 26, 2013

letter 40 Days For Life By Robert Holston - There are certainly many arguments that have been made as to why a woman has the right to an abortion.  Indeed, not the least of these is that it was argued before the highest court in the land and became law 40 years ago.  Pro-CHOICE is very AMERICAN.  We decide what to wear, what to drink, what to drive, what to smoke, what to do for work...... To choose, is a human right and very American.  As the local leader for the 40 Days For Life campaign, let me thank the volunteers for standing  on Tongass and on the principles of protecting the innocent.  I am familiar with the arguments that separate this nation along choice / life lines.  I will quote some of the common arguments and briefly state why they fail in the light of rational thought & present day science. - More...
Tuesday PM - February 26, 2013

letter Life Begins at Conception By A.M. Johnson - In support of Ms Cathy Brauning’s  plea, I submit the following on abortion and life beginning at conception. As a simple common sense statement: If you’re pronounced dead when your heart stops beating……. why aren’t you pronounced alive when your heart starts beating? - More...
Tuesday PM - February 26, 2013

letter Mountain Point Boat Launch By John A. Beck - I read in the paper that the City of Ketchikan accepted ownership from the Sate for the property including the Mountain Point boat launch. - More...
Tueday PM - February 26, 2013

letter Keeping working people poor By Beverly A. Martin - Poverty should never be the goal of a governmental tax structure yet our income tax is designed to keep working people poor. Hidden corporate taxes raise the wholesale cost of goods and services while the 7.65 percent payroll tax ensures less take-home pay for buying goods and services. The FairTax HR25 ends the income tax and restores economic prosperity. - More...
Tuesday PM - February 26, 2013

letter Help for “Made in America” companies By Patrick Meuleman - Alaska can be a tough place to do business. That is especially true in today’s global economy, where competition from imports makes the business climate even more difficult. - More...
Tuesday PM - February 26, 2013

letter Support HR25 & A Fair Tax By Anthony Gasbarro - Our federal tax code is broken.  There are more than 2 changes to it every congressional day for 20 years.  It is so complicated that many IRS employees can’t explain it accurately.  It is 72,000 pages long.  A tax code that has fostered an industry, tax lobbyists, who outnumber DC elected officials 32 to 1.  The government picks winners and losers.  We’ve become so smart but we’ve lost common sense. - More...
Tuesday PM - February 26, 2013

letter Museum Expansion Project By Laurie Pool, Tongass Historical Society - Plans for a new or renovated museum have been talked about for years. The Centennial Building was built in 1967 and originally housed the Tongass Historical Society museum, and a federally funded exhibit about the purchase of Alaska. When the federal exhibit came down, the City’s library moved into the space left by the exhibit in 1968.  Almost immediately a need for more space was recognized.  In 1997 a concept design was completed for a new 27,000 s.f. museum to be added onto the Discovery Center.  In 2004 another 30,000 s.f. concept design was presented using the existing footprint of the Centennial Building, rising vertically. Both concepts would have included the famous Ellis Airlines Grumman Goose which the Tongass Historical Society owns and hopes to someday find a place to safely and properly display.  Despite best efforts, neither concept was pursued by the City. - More...
Wednesday PM - February 20, 2013

letter Passage of HB 80 by Alaska Senate By Michelle Ridgway - Despite the rush to move this bill, many legislators were developing a deeper understanding of the technological potential for ships to meet water quality criteria at the pipe and the scientific implications of not doing so. - More...
Wednesday PM - February 20, 2013

letter Helping Our Kake Neighbors By Bobbi Leichty - The motto for Alaska’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is, ‘Neighbor Helping Neighbor’ and in the past several weeks, I’ve been able to witness communities walking the walk, not just talking the talk. - More...
Wednesday PM - February 20, 2013

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