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By Adam P. Minshall


February 26, 2013
Tuesday PM

Good day to all in the community.  My name is Adam P Minshall and I would like to thank all the hard working participants of the Kurt Kuehl Middle School Championship Wrestling event.  It's always a fun spectacle to watch these wrestling events in our area.  I feel that as a community in Southeast Alaska we have a group of amazing volunteers for our wrestling program.  Every time I go to the events it's a huge wrestling reunion, which really makes me appreciate all the hard work that our hardworking coaches put back in to our program.  It's a reflection of our town and coming togetherness for the kids in our area, and that's pretty important.  Wrestling builds a lot of character and I feel that most people that have wrestled or know a wrestler feel the same way.  It certainly is a unique sport that dates back to the days of the Greeks.  

I feel that it would be a shame to see it fade from the Olympics, but there's a way to help if you visit  

Back to my point though, not just with wrestling but all our other sports programs here in Ketchikan, we are pretty fortunate to have volunteers helping out.  Even if you don't have the time to coach, just being there at the local events and showing support for the youth makes a difference.  Watching the finals at Schoenbar Saturday night was exciting.  Everyone getting into the matches, the roar of the announcer as they point out that some one is putting the squeeze on, it makes a difference and I think it should be noticed.  So to all that help out and volunteer your time thank you.

Adam P Minshall
Ketchikan, AK


Received February 24, 2013 - Published February 26, 2013





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