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By Amanda Mitchell


February 28, 2013
Thursday PM

Government has a purpose and it is to protect our liberty and freedom. As our government has evolved into providing for us, more and more of our ‘rights’ have been defined and controlled by others. Some see this as equality.

However, what a larger government really has done is, instead balancing and stopping the problem of a loss of individual rights, it has passed our rights off to different groups of individuals who can be influenced by special interests and feel good public relations jargon. Whether it is a department, commission, task force, coalition, or another well-intentioned group, these groups become the judge and jury over liberty. For me, it is a lot like telling my younger child she has a right to a bedtime of 8:30pm (unalienable rights), but telling her that she must go through her sibling to get the final go ahead (bestowed rights). Imagine if I had dozens of children, all with authority to grant and define different rights, it would make it likely some would make pacts, some would give all, some would withhold, some would use it to their benefit, etc. But, overall, very few at the end of the day would be able to enjoy what rights they should have.

At the polar end of asking the government for liberties, there are those who believe that forced help is ok. I know this is dangerous as our society changes and so do the values of our leaders. At one time smoking, Vioxx, bleeding patients and forced sterilization was promoted by doctors. In Roman times, forcing people to fight to the death for entertainment was highly encouraged. Past centuries showed how the Church persecuted anyone that did not go along with their vision. Our society believed in slavery and taking the children away from Native Americans and any of those classified in some way as “inferior.” What is to say our society won’t allow someone to help another conceive a child and create life against a woman’s will? Or that starving a person is for his/her own good?  Or promote stealing someone’s money as an acceptable way to prevent that person from falling into the temptation of greed? I have actually heard people say that everyone should be coerced into being experimented on as it is our responsibility to further science.

No one should be forced into the whims of society. Nevertheless, right now all you need is a person and leader to come in and propose an action as a way to “help,” “for our best interests,” “for our safety,” “for our health” or “for progress” to make it happen. Forced help, is no help, but a way to sugarcoat the control of another and to justify it. It goes against individual rights. When another can define what is in our best interests and force us to live that way, we have officially decided that people are the property of another and that we are wards to the State. This is not a hard concept to realize if you have ever been under the oppression of another. Many Natives and others still remember what history had sowed.  

I noticed a big push of propaganda about the “epidemic” of obesity. I am not obese nor are any of my immediate family members, but this is disturbing to me. I believe this is a slippery slope of labeling a type of person as a burden, threat or subhuman. Regardless of a person’s beliefs about whether obesity is caused by choice or something else, the underlying principle is that anyone can be labeled as a burden. The “war” on obesity is really a war on humanity.  African American’s have a high rate of some types of diseases over other types of races. Fair skinned people have a greater risk of getting skin cancer. The elderly, physically, mentally or intellectually challenged can have a greater cost in health care as well. And it should be noted that health care and medical science is not immune from bias, misinformation or conflicts of interests. There are so many “risk factors” out there that very few would be exempt from being labeled with something. Health care crosses over into ethnicity/genetics, lifestyle, religion and choice. It may not seem like it on the surface, but ‘health’ has become our new persecution and a way to discriminate against others. It won’t be long before ‘health’ turns into the deciding factor of who gets rights and who doesn’t or who gets to live and who no longer serves a purpose in our society.

I took my concern about medical discrimination and I started researching about obesity education. This led me to many organizations, different grants, Public-Private Partnerships and the model MAPP. I started wondering what this model is and who is behind it.  Then I came to the website for The National Association of County and City Health Officials. At first glance, I thought this was inspiring. I really like the sound of having a healthy community and I think that most of us do. Matter of fact, I believe the reason why some of these organizations are taking off is because people really do care about others and our communities are getting “free” money to establish many of these programs. After looking over the ambiguous framework and realizing that it actually influences the decisions in a community, I realized that this was something much more. After talking with many others about this, I then found out about Agenda 21. In reality, what I discovered there are countless terms that are being used like “smart growth,” “sustainability,” “healthy,” “ communities,” “green,” etc that are all buzz words of a trained and very good salesperson. These programs are a way for us to willingly walk into a global collective and into our own slavery.

Maybe some people don’t see how this situation could come to pass or some might even support it. With this I am thankful that we still have the privilege to disagree. Nevertheless, for those that are disturbed by the growing loss of freedom, I believe we can make a difference by becoming informed citizens and by educating others. People all over the world, from different backgrounds, are starting to speak out. What they are seeing is similar to a child who follows the creepy predator to a van for the promise of candy or to help find a lost puppy: It is a trap set with great sounding promises and good intentions. What the real agenda comes down to is governmental control over food sheds, water, land, transportation and even to our own bodies. We are being set up so that if we do not follow the every desire of those on top we will lose the ability to provide for ourselves and families and ultimately the right to life.

I encourage people to look into the matter for themselves, but I also have resources that I am willing to share. To start, below is a link with a short video about Agenda 21.  

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Amanda Mitchell
Alaskalibertariangirl (at) yahoo (dot) com
Ketchikan, AK

Agenda 21 for Public Officials


Received February 28, 2013 - Published February 28, 2013


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