Waggin Tails Inn & Daycare for Pets - Ketchikan, Alaska


There's a new dog in town!
Waggin Tails Inn & Daycare


Does your pet need a place to stay while you're away? Or perhaps just need to burn off some energy while you're at work?

We're Ketchikan's newest boarding facility for your dogs, cats and a daycare for your furry family members while you're at work.

We have a 390 square foot indoor play area, so in addition to frequent walks, your pet will have a safe and dry place to play laser, ball, tug of war or even watch their favorite movie!

We have many years experience working with pets and will be delighted to answer any questions you might have.

If you need a safe a loving place to board your furry family member or if you would like to enroll your pet in daycare give us a call: 225-9244 (wagg).

Waggin Tails is located at mile 7314 North Tongass Highway in the Ward Cove area, turn at the State Trooper sign. Look for our RED door.



Waggin Tails Inn & DayCare
Ketchikan, Alaska