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The inconvenient pregnancy
By Linda Beaupre


February 28, 2013
Thursday PM

Mr Holston, it was with amusement that I read your recent ranting about a woman's right to choose (please note the word woman, not man).

I would highly suggest that you use a wonderful tool called Google to research some basic facts about pregnancy and fetal development. I don't know whether I should laugh or be offended at your total lack of basic knowledge about pregnancy. A fetus is not a tiny copy of a fully formed baby.

To quote you: "In summary, the inconvenience of pregnancy and delivery is a far different sacrifice than giving up your life. Can we really ask someone to GIVE UP THEIR LIFE for the sake of their mother's 30 weeks of inconvenience? A doctor/patient relationship is highly revered but in the vast majority of the 4,000 abortions performed daily the doctor only has a relationship with the woman's dilated cervix. For the unborn, who is dismembered and extracted from that womb, the doctor is not their doctor, but their EXECUTIONER."

30 weeks of inconvenience? Mr Holston, the average full term pregnancy is 40 weeks. INCONVENIENCE? May I ask you how many times you have been pregnant? How many times have you delivered a baby? How many times have you suffered from post partum depression? Or Hyperemesis Gravidarum? SPD? Pre-Eclampsia? Gestational Diabetes?

Inconvenience indeed.

Linda Beaupre
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ketchikan mother that was more than a little "inconvenienced" by pregnancy and childbirth. "

Received February 27, 2013 - Published February 28, 2013

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