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40 Days For Life
By Robert Holston


February 26, 2013
Tuesday PM

There are certainly many arguments that have been made as to why a woman has the right to an abortion.  Indeed, not the least of these is that it was argued before the highest court in the land and became law 40 years ago.  Pro-CHOICE is very AMERICAN.  We decide what to wear, what to drink, what to drive, what to smoke, what to do for work...... To choose, is a human right and very American.  As the local leader for the 40 Days For Life campaign, let me thank the volunteers for standing  on Tongass and on the principles of protecting the innocent.  I am familiar with the arguments that separate this nation along choice / life lines.  I will quote some of the common arguments and briefly state why they fail in the light of rational thought & present day science.

1. “No one knows when human life begins.  It’s a religious conjecture that life begins at conception.  Science can’t prove that.”  Dr. Bradley M. Patten writes,”It’s fertilization of the egg that marks the beginning of life for a new individual.”  Dr. Keith L. Moore states, “The single cell zygote results from the sperm penetrating the egg, beginning a human being.”  Drs. J. P. Greenhill & E. A. Friedman write, “The zygote thus formed represents the beginning of a new life.”  “Quotes” are paraphrased for the sake of brevity.  Science agrees without exception: “Life begins at conception.”  Justice Harry Blackmun wrote 40 years ago: “If this suggestion of personhood IS ESTABLISHED, the appellant’s case, OF COURSE, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment.”  Present day science proves the rights of the unborn should be protected by the 14th Amendment.

2. “The fetus is just part of the pregnant woman’s body like tonsils or appendix.”   In fact, a scientific FACT, the fetus is a unique individual with his very own genetic code.

3. “An embryo or fetus is just a blob of tissue NOT a baby.  Abortion is terminating a pregnancy NOT killing a child.”  Like the terms TODDLER, ADOLESCENT, ADULT & SENIOR describe stages of development and age, the word embryo is used to describe a human’s condition at early stages of development.  Fetus is a Latin word meaning “little child” or “young one.”

4. “The fetus may be alive but so are eggs & sperm.  It has “potential” to become human like a blueprint is NOT a house, an acorn is not an oak tree.”   Eggs and sperm are products OF an individual the fetus at conception IS an individual.

5. “The unborn isn’t a person.  It’s tiny and less advanced than an animal.”  Size does NOT dictate membership into the human race.  The human zygote never MORPHS into a human being, she IS a human being and simply grows from the moment of conception until her death.  If aborted, ABORTION is the cause of her death.

6. “No one really knows when human life begins.”  No pregnant woman suddenly says “My blob just kicked me.”  When the world found out that Kate and William were pregnant the conversation was about her “baby” not her “blob”.  The ONLY way for her baby NOT to be heir to the throne is for it to quit living, to die.  If she miscarries next week the world will morn the loss of their BABY not their “blob”.  Yet tomorrow abortionist in America will kill nearly 4,000 babies, most of them as old or older than Kate & William’s baby.

In summary, the inconvenience of pregnancy and delivery is a far different sacrifice than giving up your life.  Can we really ask someone to GIVE UP THEIR LIFE for the sake of their mother’s 30 weeks of inconvenience?  A doctor/patient relationship is highly revered but in the vast majority of the 4,000 abortions performed daily  the “doctor” only has a relationship with the woman’s dilated cervix.  For the unborn, who is dismembered and extracted from that womb, the “doctor” is not their doctor, but their EXECUTIONER.


Rob Holston
Chairman, 40 Days For Life
holston [at]
Ketchikan, AK


Received February 21, 2013 - Published February 26, 2013





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