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Support HR25 & A Fair Tax
By Anthony Gasbarro


February 26, 2013
Tuesday PM

Our federal tax code is broken.  There are more than 2 changes to it every congressional day for 20 years.  It is so complicated that many IRS employees can’t explain it accurately.  It is 72,000 pages long.  A tax code that has fostered an industry, tax lobbyists, who outnumber DC elected officials 32 to 1.  The government picks winners and losers.  We’ve become so smart but we’ve lost common sense.

A bill in Congress, HR25, remedies the above. The FairTax replaces taxes on income with a tax on consumption.  It’s fair.  You decide how much in taxes you pay.  It’s simple.  No forms to fill out and no records to keep.   Politicians can’t adjust provisions of it to give advantages to special interest groups or supporters.  All citizens are granted a prebate to cover the tax on basic goods and services.  Without taxes on income and employment, businesses thrive as their costs go down.   Without the burden of our current tax system our manufactured goods become competitive worldwide.  Good paying jobs return.  The economy and our children’s future are saved without spending $1 on stimulus.  Call your Congressmen today and ask for his support for the bill.

The FairTax, once you understand it, you’ll demand it.

Anthony Gasbarro
agasbarro49 [at]
Fairhope Alabama

Received February 25, 2013 - Published February 26, 2013




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