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Where are the Value for Value appraisals

By Joe Mehrkens


May 08, 2013

The Executive Vice President protests too much. If he was justified in the defense of S.340 as good science and good economics he would cite a value for value analysis for this anything but fair exchange.

He cannot because such an analysis was avoided at all costs. Why. Because this deal would show how it is for the public and what is in it for Sealaska. This back room deal is seen for what it is -- regardless of Forest Service support -- which does not jibe with other federal agencies on the ANCSA issues. That is why so many groups still unequivocally oppose S.340.

Joe Mehrkens
Juneau, Alaska

About: "Former forest service economist. Former lobbyist for the wilderness society. Former economist ak dept of commerce and economic development. Retired"

Received May 07, 2013 - Published May 08, 2013

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