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RE: Trolls & Fraudsters

By LCDR James Thompson USN


May 13, 2013
Monday PM

Mr Hanger, in response to your letter implying I'm a troll or a fraudster several points of rebuttal are in order;

1. No one cares about your number one cousin the Commander and I fail to see how he has any bearing on either my letter or your original text.

2. I never threatened anyone, nor did I use any profanity in my article. I called you a nimrod and potential Liar. Honestly, aside from the claptrap your expousing I could care less one way or the other about you. Bottom line is you tried to put yourself off as an expert and got called on it. Own up to it an move along.

3. I do not have any "rage" on this subject. I'm not paranoid and I'm pretty sure I don't have any symtoms of PTSD. I never said that my military service entitled me to some special consideration or elevated status while YOU plainly stated that your experience in the army with firearms elevated you to some mystical plain of understanding in regard to firearms. There was no indication of your attempt at humor with regard to the M-14/AK ammunition statement. And further to that end one of the reasons I brought up Camp Perry is virtually ever one of the competitors there use AR-15 style rifles which would fall into the catagory of "assault weapon" that you claim there is no use for, again refuting one of your points.

Have a gun or don't have a gun, that is your personal right as an American. I have no problem one way or the other. Where I do have a problem is when some blowhard tells me what I can or can't posses. You're quite right when you say you can't predict when someone will do something crazy, but you can't penalize everyone for what one fraction of one percent of the population MIGHT do. If that were the case they would take away all cars for everyone based on a few people getting DUI's..

As to the few rambling paragraphs about terrorism and death squads; where did that come from? Are you off your meds?

For someone who uses prose as efficiently as seem too, you certainly appear to not glean the main points from the conversation at hand and seem to enjoy wandering off on your own tangents.

My last suggestion; move to California where they are closer to your utopian views. I'd like to come home to the Alaska I left that still had personal freedoms.

LCDR James Thompson USN
Oak Harbor, WA


Received May 08, 2013 - Published May 13, 2013

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