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RE: Trolls & Fraudsters

By Douglas J. Thompson


May 13, 2013
Monday PM

Well you had me going there Mr. Hanger.  I thought you were trying to convey a true and cogent point of view.  It wasn't until your second letter that I realized you were doing a parody of the gun control position.  When I realized you had not included or responded to one legal or historical fact, failed to address any opposing argument, arbitrarily threw out the Amendments and by extension the whole Constitution with its rule of law, filled your letters with disinformation, went off on irrelevant tangents, then the Bush/Obhama tactic of labeling any opposition as "terrorist" that I caught on.  By the way thanks for the great compliment of calling me a "traitor" and "terrorist".  That stands me in great company as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and all the other founding fathers.  The Sons of Liberty were called terrorists in their time also.  Trouble is it is hard to take a compliment that is given in context of a greater jest.

A great job of high lighting the empty logic of the gun controllers.  A little over the top but nice parody!  I did love the portrayal of rampant ignorance.  When I went back and reread both your letters as parody they were a great laugh.  Excellent demonstration that you "can't cure stupid".

Douglas J. Thompson
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received May 09, 2013 - Published May 13, 2013

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