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Post Office buildings for sale!

By A. M. Johnson


April 30, 2013
Tuesday AM

Editor Sitnews:

Following is a letter submitted to Senator Murkowski regarding hanky panky going on within her Senate and nobody is asking questions. So I have.

Senator Murkowski,

Want an example of why Congress has such a low public opinion rating? Try this and please advise me why you are not doing anything to expose this crap? Curious people want to know. I will post this to Sitnews as a public information letter.
A.M. Johnson-Ketchikan

CORRUPTION SCANDAL: Keeping It In the Family / Selling US Post Offices / Feinstein's husband

It has recently been disclosed that the United States has entered into a contract with one firm to sell 56 buildings that currently house US Post Offices. The government has decided that it no longer needs these buildings (many of which are located on prime land in towns and cities across the country). The sale of these properties will bring in billions of dollars and, with that, millions of dollars in commissions for the one company that is in charge of handling the sale and negotiation of the new leases.

What makes this such a matter of concern is that the company that the Government has contracted with to conduct the sales (and the corresponding leases for the new locations of the displaced post offices) is owned by Richard Blum.

What? Didn't that name mean anything to you? Maybe I should re-phrase and say that the person that owns the company that is solely in charge of this multi-million- dollar transaction is Richard Blum, the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein.
Diane is too busy with anti-constitution destruction of the Bill Or Rights and the 2nd Amendment to be concerned with conflict of interest making her filthy rich.

Even Berkeley, CA is outraged:

2010 Blum was an investor "genius." Much like Joe Biden's brilliant financial advisor, Jon Corzine.

Democrat corruption is alive and well in the United States...

A.M. Johnson
Ketchikan, Alaska

About: "If you never tell a lie, you don't have to remember anything!"

Received April 26, 2013 - Published April 30, 2013





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