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2nd Amendment

By Ken Leland


May 08, 2013

As to Mr. Johnson's observation, the second amendment was written to protect the citizen FROM the Government, not the other way around. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who observed that the Government should be afraid of the Citizens, not the Citizens afraid of the Government.

The biggest reason that we have the hideous slaughters of innocents in my humble opinion is our society's lack of assuming responsibility for our actions and the actions of those we interact with. It has become Politically Correct because we are afraid of offending someone or even possibly being sued.

Anyone who thinks that it is acceptable to go out and kill others for any reason other than to defend themselves or other innocents from a psychopath has issues of their own. I despair for what the society of mankind has become, and pray that we can reverse the path we are on and return to the way when we would look after each others welfare.

We are not alone in this, it has infected the whole world, there was also recently a slaughter in Scandinavia by a psychopath in the name of religion, and of course what happens continuously in the Middle East is also based on religion. How can anyone sane condone sending children out with bombs strapped to their bodies to kill strangers because they are "non-believers"? Insanity!

Guns are NOT the problem, people are the problem. For centuries people were killed with knives, swords, clubs and even their hands and still are today. The problem is the person who decides to kill others for whatever reason.We have all kinds of gun laws all over the world in different societies, yet people are still murdered by guns and the other means mentioned above.

More gun laws are just another "feel good" action to make the problem go away for a while until the next abomination while the current gun laws are not enforced.People need to take better care of each other by taking action when necessary if mental aberrations are noticed.Take care of the welfare of all those you know not only those of your immediate family. Perhaps then we all will benefit from a kinder and caring society.

Ken Leland
Ketchikan, Alaska

About: "Long Time Ketchikan resident"

Received May 08, 2013 - Published May 08, 2013

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