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April 17, 2004


Front Page Photo - Island Princess mid 1970s

Island Princess - Mid 1970s
Photo Courtesy Tongass Historical Society

Ketchikan Charter Commission - Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan: Ketchikan Charter Commission Conducts Survey - Click here to complete the survey... Survey published Tuesday -03/23/04

Survey ends Sunday, April 18th


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Ketchikan's Cruise Ship Industry
A light-hearted look at its origins

by June Allen

Tourists are nothing new to Ketchikan. These seasonal visitors have been spilling out onto the downtown docks for more than a century now. They share certain traits: They're thrilled to find themselves in distant, exotic Alaska; they find Ketchikan quaint and charming; and, they are wide-eyed and excited as they board charter fishing boats, or climb into sightseeing coaches to rumble off over the city's trestle streets. The basic awe most people feel when seeing our little town remains constant, even after a century. The things that have changed over the years are the much larger numbers of ships and visitors visiting each summer and the numbers of attractions available to them.

At the turn of the 20th century, brand new Ketchikan was even then being visited by tourists and journalists. In The Ladies World Magazine of March 1905, travel writer Myra Drake Moore described the Ketchikan she visited the summer of 1904: "[Ketchikan] is the port of entry into Alaska it and its sister towns of Juneau and Skagway are all very much alike in architecture, and seem to be 'happen-so's'. Ketchikan," she archly wrote, "has accumulated itself."

Ketchikan had already begun plans to provide facilities for visitors back then. At the time of Ms. Moore's visit, the city's first two "luxury" hotels, the 1905 Stedman and 1906 Revilla (on the Ingersoll corner), were in the planning stages. Their stylish towers would become landmarks in the First City. The new hostelries catered to ever-increasing volumes and varieties of visitors as the 20th century rolled by, from tourists and traveling salesmen to sporting women and travel writers.

Display ads in the old Ketchikan Mining Journal from the earliest years of the town's existence confirm that almost every Ketchikan business - from wallpaper shop or insurance office to candy store to news store and liquor store to saloon - advertised "curios" in their businesses ads. Most curios in those earliest days were rock and ore samples, Native moccasins and baskets, and picture post cards. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Saturday - April 17, 2004

Ketchikan: U.S. Sen. Murkowski Kickoffs Ketchikan Campaign - Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) kicked off her Ketchikan campaign for the United States Senate Friday evening with a family event held at the Alaska Marine Lines Warehouse.

According to information provided by the Murkowski campaign, Senator Lisa Murkowski filed her 1st quarter financial report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on April 14, 2004. The campaign raised over $540,000 during the last three months. The total amount raised for the Senator's election now nears $2.5 million.

photo - click here...

Murkowski Kickoffs Ketchikan Campaign
Paul Axelson & Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Photo by Carl Thompson
"I'm thrilled that so many Alaskans realize the importance of my election to the Senate. This race is of critical importance to Alaska and the generosity of all my supporters is greatly appreciated. After months of advertising and great events we have over $1.5 million cash on hand," Senator Murkowski said. - Read more...
Saturday - April 17, 2004

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Michael Reagan: Barking Up The Wrong Tree - The 9/11 Commission is not doing its job. It is ignoring a document that shows that President Clinton was alerted in 1996 about the possibility of 9/11 style attack, while instead focusing on the August 6 Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB).

Having harassed the Bush administration into declassifying the August 6 PDB, the Commission must now demand that a PDB from the Clinton administration also be declassified. Unlike the August 6 document which had no information about hijacking jets to crash into U.S. Targets, the 1996 PDB gave specifics about al Qaeda plans to carry out exactly that kind of attack.- Read more...
Saturday - April 17, 2004

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