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Free healthcare?
by Cecelia Johnson


April 18, 2004

Where is free health care? I want to go there too! I am Alaska Native Haida/Tlinget and I receive health care from our local provider. I have insurance which is presented every time I have an appointment. I recently went through chemotherapy at our clinic and my insurance paid quite a bit!!!

Historically, after the United States bought Alaska from Russia, which was in 1867 there was minimal, if any, kind of health care provided to AK Natives. In the 1880's/1890's religious groups requested some medical services as part of their "trying to help the savages" - their mission work! Since contact the health conditions of AK Natives have undergone great cultural changes. If you read which was drilled into "us savages" you then become informed and educated Since PL93-638 Ketchikan medical community receives many benefits in the financial area. So instead of ignorant comments get on the bandwagon and read, read, read. Learn about the area of which you are concerned. Thanks for the opportunity for enlightenment. After I learned about our area and the population who resides here I understand and am more compassionate!

Cecelia Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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