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RE: Comparing the Big Dig & Gravina Bridge
by Thomas Ferry


April 17, 2004

In reply to Don Hoff, I suppose you think that thirteen billion dollars in cost overruns on the big dig are appropriate? And I sure hope that no graves of anyone are desecrated if the bridge ever gets built.

My whole point was that I didn't like the belittling tone of the New York Times' article. The reporter made it sound like we were seven thousand insignificant hicks in a rain soaked netherland undeserving of any pork. Folks shouldn't have to be a bunch of pathetic city dwellers to qualify for pork projects so I had to make reference to the biggest fiasco in pork history, the big dig. They probably did need some sort of project to get their traffic problems in order in Boston, but fifteen billion dollars is absurd!

If my President and your President vetoes the bill, oh well it won't make me cry. I'm not too keen on the bridge, but little towns like this have just as much of a right to pork as any big smog choked, crime ridden, bum riddled, cockroach infested big city in the USA.

Yes I can think of ways to better spend tax money too - like on free health care for all. Maybe if we elect John Kerry we all - whites, blacks, orientals, Mexicans, and other races - can finally enjoy free health care as the American Natives do.

Thomas Ferry
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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