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September 20, 2004




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letter RE: Express your dissatisfaction... by Bill Thomas Sr.- 09/20/04
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Howard McKim &
his 183.0 pound halibut
Photo by Misty Pattison ©2004

Ketchikan: 183.0 Halibut Caught Kayak Fishing - Howard McKim can best be described as one happy guy with his latest catch of a 183.0 pound halibut - in his kayak! McKim was kayak fishing around Vallenar when he caught this large halibut. - More...
Monday - September 20, 2004

Ketchikan: Unemployment Essentially Unchanged - Ketchikan's unemployment rate saw an increase from 5.3 percent to 5.8 percent in August, Statewide, Alaska's unemployment rate rose on-tenth of a percentage point in August to 6.6 percent, and nonfarm payroll employment fell by 500, according to Dan Robinson, an economist at the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Ketchikan's labor force was reported for August at 8,009 with 7,542 employed. One year ago the the Alaska Department of Labor reported Ketchikan's labor force at 7,843 with 7,368 employed. - More...
Monday - September 20, 2004

Ketchikan Little League Silver Salmon Derby's Latest Standings

Stephanie Pattison poses with her now second place 18.4 pound Silver Salmon which she weighed in at Knudson Cove Marina on Sept. 18th...
Photo by Misty Pattison ©2004

Ketchikan: Ketchikan Little League Silver Salmon Derby's Latest Standings; Derby Still Underway Through September - The latest standings for the Ketchikan Little League 2004 Silver Salmon Derby as of mid-day Sunday, September 19th, has Cynthia Stern of Grandby, Colorado in the lead with her 19.6 pound Silver Salmon. Listed in second place is Stephanie Pattison of Ward Cove, Alaska with her 18.4 pound Silver Salmon and in third place is Randy Rush of Scottsdale, Arizona with his 18.0 pound Silver. Weighing in another 18.0 pound Silver and claiming the fourth place position is Richard Atwood of Ward Cove. In fifth place is Martha Jackobson of Ketchikan with a 16.2 pound fish.

According to information provided by Tonya Rymer, the Ketchikan Little League runs from August 1st to September 30th. Weigh-In Stations are: Cedars Lodge, Clover Pass Resort, Silverking Lodge, and Knudson Cove Marina.  A ticket costs $15 for an individual or $25 for a family.  - More...
Monday - September 20, 2004


jpg Jason LoveJason Love - So It Goes: Just Do Me  - I had a bad dream.

It started with Peter the Re-fi Guy, a recording that calls daily: "Did you know that we can refinance your home..." I don't have the heart to tell him that I rent. Besides, he'd just call back anyway.

Then I was sorting through the junk mail -- bribes to switch phone plans, pre-rejection for MasterCards, 16,000 urgent pleas for charity. Somewhere in the distance a forest cried.

On the radio played a jingle for the once-in-a-lifetime, buy-this-or-die Toyotathon. I hummed along despite my best efforts to stop. - More...

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photosJohn Koel, Baker to Banker; An eccentric philanthropist John Koel was a well-known figure in Ketchikan from the day he arrived in 1901 to the day he died in 1946. The eldest son of German immigrants who settled in the Midwest, Koel was a 38-year-old confirmed bachelor, a slight man with high cheekbones, a small mustache and a tidy bankroll he had saved to finance his adventure in Alaska. A baker by trade and already a canny businessman when he alighted on the steamship dock, he quickly toured the new city of Ketchikan and almost immediately opened the OK Bakery on Dock Street, near the intersection with Main Street. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Tuesday - September 07, 2004

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