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183.0 Halibut Caught Kayak Fishing


September 20, 2004

jpg Howard McKim 183 pound halibut

Howard McKim & his 183.0 pound halibut..
Photo by Misty Pattison ©2004
Ketchikan, Alaska - Howard McKim can best be described as one happy guy with his latest catch of a 183.0 pound halibut - in his kayak! McKim was kayak fishing around Vallenar Sunday when he caught this large halibut.

McKim said it put up a pretty good fight. He managed to drag it to one of the islands and then beat it with a gaff and cut its gills to kill the halibut. McKim strapped the halibut to the top of his kayak and paddled to his Pond Reef home.

Catching halibut kayak fishing is nothing new for McKim. In May 2004, McKim made news around the state when he caught a 90-pound halibut in a 14-foot kayak. Another of his catches was a 73.0 pound halibut while kayak fishing in June - a catch that was also photographed at Knudson Cove Marina by Misty Pattison. This popular marina is located approximately 15 miles north of Ketchikan.

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