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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

June 14, 2005

Front Page Photo Courtesy Gretchen Klein

Individuals Honored for Dedication & Service to Youth & Elders
Gretchen Klein, Ed Zastrow, Jaylyn Merrill, and Ron Barnes
Front Page Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein

Ketchikan: Individuals Honored for Dedication & Service to Youth & Elders by M.C. KAUFFMAN - A festive celebration with over 100 people attending was held at Ocean View Friday evening to recognize the significant contributions of four professionals who are leaving or retiring from their current positions.

Pamela Shull, the chairman of the Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility recognized long-time resident Ron Barnes for his 24 years of service in Ketchikan. Barnes was presented a plaque in recognition of his long time commitment to making a difference in the lives of Ketchikan youth and their families, including the development of a local facility to keep the family connection alive. She said, "The Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility would still be only a dream, if it were not for Ron." - More...
Tuesday - June 14, 2005

Ketchikan: Listen to this KRBD story... A Ketchikan man took top honors in the 58th Annual Ketchikan CHARR King Salmon Derby after hooking a 49.7-pound king salmon just hours before the close of the three-weekend derby Sunday. As Deanna Garrison reports, a total of 1,860 fish were weighed in during the derby - nearly 600 more than last year.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - Tuesday - June 14, 2005

National: Poll shows increasing support for pulling out of Iraq By MARGARET TALEV - Americans have become increasingly wary of the war in Iraq, with new polling showing that nearly half want an immediate pullout of U.S. troops and more than a third fear the strife is turning into a 21st-century Vietnam.

The Pew Research Center poll released Monday found that 46 percent of Americans favor bringing the troops home as soon as possible, up from 36 percent last October. The nonpartisan survey of 1,464 Americans, conducted June 8-12, also found that less than half of the respondents - 47 percent - now believe the U.S. will accomplish its goals in Iraq.

The findings come on the heels of a Gallup Poll in which nearly six in 10 Americans say they favor either a partial (31 percent) or total (28 percent) pullout of U.S. troops. - More...
Tuesday - June 14, 2005

National: As terror tactic, suicide bombings spread to Afghanistan By LISA HOFFMAN - The suicide bomb blast that injured four U.S. troops Monday fueled worries about the spread of a deadly terror tactic that, until recently, had been little seen in Afghanistan.

A driver in a taxi stuffed with explosives rammed into a U.S. military vehicle about six miles west of the southern city of Kandahar, an unsettled area long a bastion of Taliban support. - More...
Tuesday - June 14, 2005



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letter Taking Care of Your Trash! By Jerry Cegelske - Tuesday
letter Ticket for littering By Rhonda Erickson - Tuesday
letter Pen-pals wanted By Torsten Behrens - Tuesday
letter Summer break By Cecelia Johnson and Tom Skultka - Monday
letter Magical Alaska By Neil Gray - Monday
letter Bridges, Oil and Jet By Don Hoff Jr. - Sunday
letter Thanks for the memories... By Peggy Hendricks Mackey - Sunday
letter Team effort put out the fire By Chief David Hull - Saturday
letter The BIG birds By Harley Bray - Saturday
letter Awsome article By Bill Thomas Sr. - Saturday
letter Going once, going twice... By Debbi Swaim - Friday
letter Boats, Floats, and Trash! By Jerry Cegelske - Thursday
letter Re: Not what the country needs By Rick Grams - Thursday
letter More Viewpoints/ Letters
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Howard Dean's vision
By: Larry Wright
The Detroit News
Distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons, Inc.
arrowPolitical Cartoonists

Ketchikan Editorial
Cartoonist Roger Maynard


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National: Tough decisions on Medicare drug benefit await consumers By LAWRENCE M. O'ROURKE - With critical deadlines looming, millions of elderly and disabled Americans on Medicare can anticipate tough and complicated choices in enrolling in the new federal drug program that begins next year.

"It will be a challenge," said Mark McClellan, the federal official in charge of getting the $720 billion, 10-year program off to a smooth start.

Robert Hayes, president of the Medicare Rights Center, an advocacy group in New York, is even more ominous. - More...
Tuesday - June 14, 2005

National: Bite-sized news from here and there - Eight people on a night cruise had been tossed from their sailboat into the frigid waters of Carquinez Strait when things went from bad to much worse.

A huge oil tanker headed to sea was bearing down on them, its crew unaware that the castaways were bobbing in the water near the upended hull of their sailboat directly in front of the tanker.

Only luck, a flashlight and the quick actions of a tugboat crew saved them from disaster by getting the tanker to swerve away. - More...
Tuesday - June 14, 2005

Alaska: The bugs are back with a biting vengeance in Alaska By DOUG O'HARRA - They buzz and bite and swarm. They drive people indoors, torment gardeners, stampede the tourists.

It's the Incredible Return of the Bugs, sequel to last spring's fierce hatch, and many people say they've never been pricked and pestered with such vengeance.

We're talking jillions here: mosquitoes, aphids, dragonflies, midges, gnats, hornets, beetles and assorted creepy-crawlies with all those weird Latin names.

But then, don't we always say that? - More...
Tuesday - June 14, 2005

Science: New thinking on the earliest moments of the universe By SUE VORENBERG - If you value your watch, don't hand it to a particle physicist and ask him how it works.

That could lead to some nasty consequences, although the particle physicist might learn some entirely new tricks from the process, said Stephen Pate, a physicist at New Mexico State University.

"If somebody hands you a watch and you want to know how it works, what we do is smash the watch and see what's left on the floor," Pate laughed.

"We don't have a screwdriver to take apart atoms. So that's how we have to look at them."

Pate is part of a contingent of New Mexico particle physicists who spend time smashing up atoms in an accelerator at New York's Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The group of about 40 scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University recently were part of a profound discovery in the world of particle physics. - More...
Tuesday - June 14, 2005

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