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Carls Thompson's Alaska Photographs - Ketchikan, Alaska

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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

June 1, 2005

Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

Fallen Soldiers Honored For Their Sacrifices
Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

Ketchikan: Fallen Soldiers Honored For Their Sacrifices By Dick Kauffman - The sacrifices of our fallen soldiers were honored on Memorial Day in Ketchikan as citizens had the opportunity to remember our soldiers killed in battles and celebrate their service to our country. Members of the American Legion Post #3, VFW Post #4352, military members, and citizens began the ceremony with a brief parade from the American Legion Post to Centennial Square for the placement of the wreath. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

National: Bush not in compromising mood By BILL STRAUB - Despite an expressed desire to work with Congress on a range of issues, President Bush is exhibiting no willingness to compromise, relying instead on the political capital he says he accumulated over the past two elections to achieve his policy goals. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

National: FBI's bid to expand powers worries civil libertarians By LAWRENCE M. O'ROURKE - Once upon a time, the FBI built a powerful case that it could do no wrong.

G-men were feared and respected as they chased down gangsters and saboteurs. Movies and television favorably presented FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and his skilled and effective agents in their fedoras to a willing public as the nation's premier defenders against all that was evil.

But that was then. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

Women, Joing Your Win/Win World

"Women, Join Your Win/Win World"
Big Sister Shannon and Little Sister Aleasha
share their "meeting of great minds."
Photo Courtesy BBBS Staff

Ketchikan: "Women, Join Your Win/Win World" By NANCY COGGINS - Would you believe, "you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." (Zig Ziglar, See You at the Top)

The Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) non-profit organization in Ketchikan, Alaska, is looking for at least 20 volunteer female "Bigs" to match with "Littles" in its Community Program. Specifically, that's "Bigs" who are 17-years-old and up to share their time with "Littles" who are from 5- to 17-years-old.

Volunteering to be a "Big" can be your way to give back to the community for all it has offered you over the years. It's your chance to feel worthwhile. - More....
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

National: Spelling Bee finishes early rounds By AMIE PARNES - Competition at the 78th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee began Wednesday with toothy smiles, back-patting and grade school-friendly words like "souvenir," "censor," "heifer" and "rebuttal."

Twenty minutes later, the words grew to double digit-mammoths like "mitrailleuse," a machine gun; "pyrgeometer," an instrument to determine radiation; and "nephrolithiasis," a condition marked by the presence of renal calculi - words even a computer spellchecker can't even spell right. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005



letter Our Thanks By Lee, Morced, & Jayson Asnin - Wednesday
letter Protecting the community By Jeff Kemp - Wednesday
letter DON HOFF DISTORTIONS By Pete Ellis - Wednesday
letter More Viewpoints/ Letters
letter Publish A Letter

May 2005

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Clifford D. May: Failure no option in Iraq - In Iraq, they say, failure is not an option. But it is a possibility.

From the start of the intervention, two critical questions have awaited answers: Is there a critical mass of Iraqis who are willing to fight for freedom rather than submit to tyranny? And can the American military - designed to confront the Soviet Union, a lumbering giant - learn to effectively fight an elusive enemy who plays by no rules and need not win a single battle? All that the enemy has to do is erode our will to fight. Videotapes of beheadings and suicide bombings tend to have that effect on the Western psyche. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

Dale McFeatters: Laura Bush for president? - The trick to a really cool staff job in Washington - White House aide, assistant Cabinet secretary - is to hook up with a presidential prospect, especially one whose candidacy is a long shot, maybe even laughable.

One day you're helping out a laidback, aw-shucks guy from Texas who mangles the language and the next day you're Scott McClellan, White House press secretary. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

Dan Thomasson: Heroes of a shameful episode - For the relatively small band of reporters who labored exhaustingly for two years trying to unravel the Watergate scandal, it comes as little surprise that one of the sources who helped along the way, the so-called "Deep Throat" glamorized by Hollywood, was the FBI's W. Mark Felt.

Over the months of intense investigation there were any number of Deep Throats, many of them in the FBI, who provided the leaks and tips that ultimately resulted in the resignation of Richard Nixon as president of the United States. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

Bob Ciminel: Thoughts on Turning 60 - I celebrated my 60th birthday over Memorial Day weekend. It might be appropriate to give my thoughts on reaching this milestone.

I've learned that dreams rarely come true, and the few that did, did so because I made them.

I've learned that I will never be rich or famous, but neither will I have to deal with the problems that go along with those two achievements. When you are rich, everyone wants your money; when you are famous, everyone wants your time. If you are neither, you are just be another face in the crowd. Anonymity does have its rewards. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

Mike Berman: Computing with confidence - Let's play a game of word association. I'll go first: "Internet cafe." Your turn. "Viruses." How about "unprotected network." - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

Steve Brewer: Fido as a guru of positive energy - Is any creature more optimistic than a dog?

No matter how often we disappoint our dogs, they maintain a sunny outlook, especially when it comes to us, their humans. They expect us to do our best by them, every time. And, they're quick to forgive and forget - just because you didn't offer a snack this time doesn't mean you won't the very next time you get up from the sofa. - More...
Wednesday - June 01, 2005

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