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2005 Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce Parade Entry Form

Lion's Club 4th of July Queen's Contest
Entry Form


Carls Thompson's Alaska Photographs - Ketchikan, Alaska

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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

May 31, 2005

Canopy Adventure
Front Page Photo by Seanna O'Sullivan ©2005

Ketchikan: New Ketchikan Canopy Adventure Begins This Week by M.C. Kauffman - A new canopy adventure in Ketchikan, the Alaska Canopy Adventure and Wildlife Expedition, opens to the public this week at the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary. Professional photographer Seanna O'Sullivan photographed the first run-through of the new tour Sunday to share with SitNews' readers. As O'Sullivan's captures in her photographs, this new adventure is not for the faint-hearted as guests will tour the rainforest while gliding at heights up to 135-feet. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

National: Bush pushes for action from Congress By BILL STRAUB - President Bush, his Social Security package generating only tepid support while other administration initiatives have slowed to a crawl, pressured Congress on Tuesday to tackle his proposals and "strengthen the long-term economic security of the country." - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

National: A look at some of the Deep Throat misses By BILL STRAUB - After more than 30 years, the biggest political mystery of the 20th century has been solved. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

National: The two faces of the stem-cell debate By MAEVE RESTON - In the years they have served together, Sen. Arlen Specter, one of the Senate's leading moderates, and Sen. Rick Santorum, one of the body's leading conservatives, have found themselves on the opposite sides of a number of substantive issues. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005


Group shot of Guardian Flight Personnel: Jason Harris RN, Ed Fry Paramedic, Chris Roussel Paramedic, and James Smart Paramedic (before water entry)  Not pictured, Jason Cerovac. 
Photo by Jason Cerovac.

Ketchikan: Training Helps Expand Rescue Capabilities - The Ketchikan Volunteer Search and Rescue (KVSR) recently provided training to Guardian Flight medics and nurses which will increased local search and rescue response capability during weather that will not allow planes and helicopters to fly to outlying islands for medical transport. 

The training provided by Jerry Kiffer and four other members of the Ketchikan Volunteer Search and Rescue to five Guardian Flight personnel will help to expand the capabilities of a service making sure that the residents and tourists in the area receive the best medical care if they need it.  Additionally, if air transport is not available, transport can be done by sea. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

Ketchikan: Unofficial Standings of Week 1 of the 58th King Salmon Derby and Daily Drawing Winners - The unofficial results have been announced for the 1st week of the 58th King Salmon Derby. This family event which is sponsored by the Ketchikan CHARR membership has remained a grass roots effort over the 58 years of its existence and attracts over a thousand participants of all ages annually. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

Alaska: Churchgoers press on after airing of tapes By LISA DEMER - A month after a sensational, hidden-camera television report showing an Anchorage priest seeking sex, the bizarre case of the Rev. Robert Bester remains unresolved. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

National: Watch for variations on an Internet scam By MICHAEL WOODS - "You do not need to send the whole money at once. Just send $5,000 with the name below via Western Union Money Transfer. Name: Mr. Gabriel Aghadi. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

National: Doctor's killing on Ohio Turnpike leaves many questions By MILAN SIMONICH - The crime seemed both audacious and foolish. ... A robber approached a man stopped along the Ohio Turnpike, took his money, then shot him in the face. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005



letter Gravina Island Bridge vs. Big Dig By Don Hoff Jr. - Tuesday
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Graduation punked
By: Larry Wright
The Detroit News
Distributed exclusively
by Cagle Cartoons, Inc.

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Ketchikan Editorial
Cartoonist Roger Maynard

May 2005

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Columns - Commentary

Jay Ambrose: 'Non' to constitution means 'oui' to decline - If I were French, I might well have joined with that 55 percent of voters saying "non, non" to a 365-page European Union constitution that would further erode my nation's sovereignty and buttress an overbearing, centralized bureaucracy.

But then I would have to live with the knowledge that I just may have robbed my country of one of its last chances to continue to amount to something a decade or two down the road. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

Dale McFeatters: A not-so-united Europe - Europe seems to have undergone a seismic shift, with two of its most influential leaders - France's Jacques Chirac and Germany's Gerhard Schroeder, frequent partners in thwarting the United States - in deep trouble with the voters.

In a stunning personal disavowal of Chirac, his government and the country's political leadership generally, French voters solidly rejected the proposed European Union constitution. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

Will Graves: There's room to honor all our heroes - Can you imagine LeBron James in a real Hummer, not the one his mom bought for him?

Tiger Woods in fatigues instead of a red polo?

Derek Jeter dive-bombing instead of diving in the hole? - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

Bonnie Erbe: Too bad female boxing has staying power - Just when you thought man- (and woman-) kind had invented every sort of torture and brutality possible, just when you thought U.S. society was violent, blood-loving and ruthless as it could get, comes another brainy trend. This time, it's women's boxing.

Yes, friends, it's not only so hot here in the good old US of A, it's also selling tickets to gore-seekers worldwide. And if the International Boxing Association has its way, it will make its Olympic debut in Beijing at the 2008 games.

Paul Campos: It pays to be thin - if you're a woman - The media frenzy surrounding Danica Patrick's participation in this year's Indianapolis 500 was telling. Janet Guthrie broke the gender barrier at Indy a quarter century ago, and the race has featured a woman driver in 12 of the last 14 years, so by this point Patrick's gender in itself hardly qualified as news. Yet Patrick received far more media coverage than Lyn St. James ever did, who took part in the race seven times in the 1990s, when a woman in the Indy 500 was still novel. - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

James Derk: Does it pay to build your own computer? - Thousands of letters and only room for a couple but let's get right to it.

Q. I have been watching PC prices for a long time and usually build my own computers to save money. But given what is going on now, I don't see that happening from now on. I know you build yours, how is that measuring up in your opinion? - More...
Tuesday - May 31, 2005

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