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Carls Thompson's Alaska Photographs - Ketchikan, Alaska

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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

May 26, 2005

Front Page Photo by Paul Perry

'Hummingbird Heaven'
Front Page Photo by Paul Perry

Ketchikan: 'Hummingbird Heaven' - We hang our feeders and are prepared to shoot -- photos that is! These fascinating little hummingbirds are again back in Ketchikan and again providing endless challenges to Ketchikan's photographers and endless entertainment from dawn to dusk with their incredible J-dives and darting speeds. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

audioKetchikan: Listen to this KRBD story... Upset with the School Board's decision not to retain Houghtaling Principal Les McCormick next year, teachers and parents took to the podium at Wednesday night's Ketchikan School Board meeting. Deanna Garrison has this report.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - Thursday - May 26, 2005

National: Social Security: Not for everybody anymore? By DAVID WESTPHAL - For seven decades the Social Security system has been governed by a simple principle: In retirement you reap what you have sown.

Since Social Security's birth in 1935, old-age benefits have been tied closely to the payroll taxes Americans pay during their working years. In general the more you earn, the larger your benefit check. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

National: Pentagon faces base-closing challenges By LISA HOFFMAN and JAMES W. BROSNAN - After tamping out a congressional attempt to delay military base closings, the Pentagon was faced Thursday with two more brush fires fanned by critics across the country.

A long-shot House effort Wednesday evening to postpone the just-begun round of closings for at least a year was easily killed in a 316 to 112 vote. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

National: Environmentalists bypass Washington to pressure corporations By JOAN LOWY - After four and a half years of policy defeats at the hands of the Bush administration, some green groups are finding they can achieve greater success outside Washington by exerting pressure directly on corporations. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

New Creek Street Kiosk Installed
Photo courtesy Historic Ketchikan

Ketchikan: New Creek Street Kiosk installed - Historic Ketchikan recently replaced the nearly 15 year old information kiosk at the foot of the Creek Street Bridge. The new stainless steel kiosk was fabricated by Ketchikan Welding North. Special wood panels were provided by Larry Jackson at Tongass Forest Products and milled by Glen Wade of Artisan Builders. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

National: U.S. must investigate torture allegations, report says By DAVID WESTPHAL - Amnesty International challenged the United States on Wednesday to fully investigate the abusive treatment of detainees under its supervision at Guantanamo and in the Middle East, and said foreign governments should conduct their own investigations if the Bush administration and Congress fail to act. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

National: In wake of filibuster deal, Senate takes up Bolton nomination By LAWRENCE M. O'ROURKE - With filibusters currently in disfavor, the Senate opened debate Wednesday on President Bush's nomination of John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

Alaska: Special Session Closes With Major Legislation Passed - Wednesday the Alaska Senate closed the first 2005 special session by passing two landmark reform bills, a historic capital budget, operating budget and several other bills that will move Alaska forward into the 21st century. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

Alaska: Governor Compliments Legislature on Successful Session - At a press conference held in Fairbanks, Alaska today, Governor Frank H. Murkowski congratulated the Alaska Legislature on the conclusion of a successful session. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

Highest honor....

Mary Goodwin
Photo courtesy Alaska Airlines

Ketchikan: Ketchikan Resident Receives Alaska Airlines' Highest Honor - Ketchikan resident Mary Goodwin has been named an Alaska Airlines Customer Service Legend, the highest honor bestowed upon an Alaska employee.

Goodwin, a 32-year veteran of the airline, received the award for her outstanding service to customers and her fellow employees. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

Ketchikan - Petersburg: Government/industry partnership helps small fishing vessels meet federal and state seabird regulations - Small-boat longline fishermen now have several free options for keeping seabirds off their baited hooks. Through a cooperative effort of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC), and Alaska longline fishermen, four types of streamer lines are now available to Alaska's diverse longline fleet free of charge.

Streamer lines are towed behind fishing vessels to deter birds from attacking sinking bait. The main line is attached high on the fishing vessel at one end, and tied to a drag-creating device at the other end, creating a suspended line behind the vessel. Hanging from this main line are a series of brightly colored streamers that wiggle in response to wind and vessel movement. The movement of the streamers frightens seabirds away from the bait that is sinking on the longline behind the vessel. Research done by the University of Washington Sea Grant Program has shown that streamer lines, when properly deployed, can reduce seabird bycatch in longline operations at rates approaching 100 percent. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005



letter RE: Gateway to Southern Southeast By Lynne Miller - Thursday
letter We delivered for Alaskans By Gov. Frank H. Murkowski - Thursday
letter Senator Stevens is our superhero By Dr. Parry Aftab - Thursday
letter Open Letter: Proposed rule creating security zones By Paul Hovik - Thursday
letter Cheers and Jeers! By Jerry Cegelske - Thursday
letter Old Homestead By Jim Gropper - Thursday
letter More Viewpoints/ Letters
letter Publish A Letter

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Columns - Commentary

Dave Kiffer: Unanswerable questions - Just 10 days into the summer visitor season I received my first "unanswerable" question.
As someone who works downtown, I am frequently stopped by visitors seeking assistance as I go hither and yon. At least once a year, I am asked an "unanswerable" question. The reason it is unanswerable has nothing to do with its difficulty.

Unanswerable questions always have relatively easy answers. The hard part is answering them without letting on that the questioner is a complete moron.

My Mom taught me to always be polite - if possible. And besides we are all "tourists" somewhere. But it is just so hard to be polite when the questioner is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

Jason Love: Fire Drill - I've always been attracted to fire. When I was twelve, my mom caught me torching the lawn, and I said -- true story -- "Don't worry, Ma. It's a controlled burn."

The butt-whooping I got that day taught me to respect fire, but only recently, when firemen trained in my neighborhood, did I find out why: Fire is evil!

Training took place at five houses condemned because they were built sometime during the Mesozoic Era. Firemen poured in from every direction, five battalions worth. Their mission: Burn down the houses and learn as much as possible along the way. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

Ann McFeatters: What kind of society are we creating? - This is the perfect time of year to talk about comity (not comedy!) and where we're headed.

The bright hope of new graduates coupled with the solemnity and majesty of Memorial Day makes for a heady mix of hope and pride - tempered by what is going on in Washington.

Yes, you knew that was coming - the current dearth of chivalry, gallantry, deference, respect, graciousness, civility, mannerliness, gentility, diplomacy, benevolence, affability and good humor in the seat of the federal government and beyond. - More...
Thursday - May 26, 2005

Preston McDougall: Chemical Eye on a Time Warp - There is no such thing as a time machine, and we can be pretty sure that there never will be. Otherwise, we would have met at least one bona fide tourist from the future by now.

Time travel, on the other hand, happens all the time. Even when standing still, we are time travelers. But always forward, and one moment at a time.

Occasionally though, time travel is less pedestrian. For instance if you are driving West on I-24 from Chattanooga to Monteagle, in Tennessee, even if your car has trouble going the speed limit on the steeper parts of the climb, you'll probably get there before you leave. - More...
Thursday - May 29, 2005

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