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Cheers and Jeers!
By Jerry Cegelske


May 26, 2005

The Society of American Foresters have been working hard to keep mile 6 N. Tongass clean over the years.  Saturday Morning they were fortunate in that they didn't have much to collect judging from the small pile of trash to be picked up by the DOT- Highways.  It is fortunate that the sheet metal didn't hit a car when it blew out of someone's truck.  Keep up the good work!  Your cleanup efforts are greatly appreciated by the majority of community residents!

jpg trash collected

Trash collected by the Society of American Foresters

Jeers to the slob or slobette that left the trash along that same stretch of N. Tongass that the Foresters had just cleaned up.  Allowing your trash to blow out of your vehicle is not cool.  This was about 150 yards from the pile of trash collected by the Foresters.  Anybody know who had a collection of "Brach's Root Beer Barrels" this last weekend?  There were about five bags from them along the road along with a small frozen pizza box and other household trash.
A big "Thank You" to the Alaska State Troopers for picking up the drunk 19 and 20 year olds on D-1 Loop on the 7th and 8th of this month.  The first guy was stuck in the ditch after an accident and couldn't get out and the second was coming from a beer party where they left broken bottles and litter in a rock pit.  Both were arrested for driving under the influence (how did they get the beer?).  It is nice the Troopers got them off the road before they hurt someone seriously.  It is unknown how many fatal accidents are prevented by the Ketchikan Police Department and the Troopers taking drunk drivers off the road before they crash into someone.  Take the time to let them know you appreciate their work.
Jeers to the foolish kids that continue to knock over the traffic cones on N. Tongass Hiway during the construction project.  They are put there to protect the drivers by indicating the edge of the road to help drivers from running off the edge.  How many fatal accidents have you heard about where a driver did exactly that, over corrected and rolled their vehicle?  Who do they think sets the cones back up again- I don't think there is a cone fairy out there.  Here construction money is spent on someone frequently resetting traffic cones when they could be doing something toward the construction of the road!  Please, if you see someone intentionally knocking the cones down,  contact the troopers and report it- you may save the life of one of the above mentioned drunk drivers or a sober responsible driver in bad weather conditions.  Besides, I think they are the same ones I've been trying to get for littering on N. Tongass with all their McD's trash!
Have a trash free day!

Jerry Cegelske
Code enforcement
Ketchikan Gateway Borough
Ketchikan, AK - USA

 Litter left by the "Trash Slob or Slobette"


Brach's Root Beer Barrel trash

Scattered household litter

16- Traffic cones tipped over by some foolish folks


Traffic cones tipped over for construction workers to set up again.


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