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'Hummingbird Heaven'
Photo by Paul Perry


May 26, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - We hang our feeders and are prepared to shoot -- photos that is! These fascinating little hummingbirds are again back in Ketchikan and again providing endless challenges to Ketchikan's photographers and endless entertainment from dawn to dusk with their incredible J-dives and darting speeds.

These rufous hummingbirds likely were among those making the annual 2,600-mile spring migration from southern Mexico to Southcentral Alaska bringing with them a little bit of hummingbird heaven to our neck of the woods.

jpg Ketchikan hummingbirds

Rufous hummingbirds

A full-grown rufous measures 3 1/2 inches from bill tip to tail end. These fuel-efficient birds are the northernmost hummingbirds.

Paul Perry ©2005

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