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Carls Thompson's Alaska Photographs - Ketchikan, Alaska

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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, AlaskaTuesday
May 17, 2005

Front Page Photo by David Hull

Steve Phillips is holding Fred Monrean's head steady while Paul Hook applies a cervical collar to Fred's neck. The collar is used to help stabilize an injured person's head and neck until x-rays can be taken to determine if an injury to the spine has taken place.
Front Page Photo by David Hull

PhotosKetchikan: Emergency Medical Classes Teach Local Volunteers By DAVID HULL - The month of May has been a busy time for the members of the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department, South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department and the Ketchikan Fire Department. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

audioKetchikan: Listen to this KRBD story.... After hours of public comment and assembly member debate, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly last night voted to fund the Ketchikan School District to the tune of approximately $7.4 million. As Deanna Garrison reports, the assembly did not fund to the state funding cap, but voted to appropriate additional money for student activities.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - Tuesday pm - May 17, 2005

National: Senate OKs highway bill despite veto threat By LAWRENCE M. O'ROURKE - Despite President Bush's threat to veto, the Republican-led Senate passed a $295 billion, five-year bill Tuesday to build and repair highways, bridges and mass-transit systems. - More...
Tuesday pm - May 17, 2005

Ketchikan: German-language spam floods Ketchikan e-mail - Ketchikan Public Utilities began notifying its customers today that beginning this past weekend, a number of customers started contacting them about receiving large quantities of German-language "Spam" e-mail. According to Michael McNally, customers were asking whether KPU could do anything about the spam e-mail. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

National: German-language spam floods e-mail programs By GINA KIM - When Jeremy Dibbell opened his e-mail at work Monday, he found 300 messages with German subject lines often emphasized with multiple exclamation marks.- More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

Ketchikan Star Wars fans Jason Keizer; Greg Moody; Tony Romero; Ty Rettke; Marcus Rodecker; and Kenny Droke were photographed Tuesday night.
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

Ketchikan: 'Countdown Star Wars' - As Yoda might say, "Begun countdown to the start, we have." With "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" set to open at midnight Wednesday, Star War fans are beginning to set camp in front of the Coliseum Twin Theatre in downtown Ketchikan. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

Movies: 'Sith' won't be disappointing for serious 'Star War' fans By BETSY PICKLE - While the fate of the galaxy may not hang on "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith," the hopes of millions of fans do. Those who take "Star Wars" seriously will not be disappointed. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

National: White House blames mag for rioting deaths despite general's claim By BILL STRAUB - The White House is holding Newsweek magazine responsible for at least 17 deaths linked to rioting in Afghanistan over a report alleging American desecration of the Koran, even though a high military official has dismissed any such connection.- More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

Snow Goose
Front Page Photo by Jim Lewis

Alaska: Grassroots Effort: Mat-Su Borough Tax Cap Initiative Tops 4,300 Signatures - Mat-Su Residents fed up with astronomical property tax increases have collected more than 4,300 signatures representing about one third of the voters for an initiative petition for a borough wide tax cap in a pure grassroots effort. According to the Mat-Su Taxpayers Association, no money was spent on the signature gathering effort. To place the question on the ballot for the Mat-Su Borough October 2005 Election, 1,788 valid signatures are needed. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

National: No state left untouched by education law By ROB HOTAKAINEN - As a presidential candidate, George W. Bush defended his home state with a warning to those who would try to disparage it: "Don't mess with Texas." - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

National: Know-it-all teens don't know how to multitask By LEE BOWMAN - That teen talking on the cell phone, sipping a soda and ostensibly doing homework, all while the television blares, probably is not, in fact, particularly good at multitasking.- More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

National: Supreme Court knocks down wine shipping ban By MARGARET TALEV - Thousands of vintners in California and across the nation raised their glasses Monday to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that may greatly expand consumer choice for millions of American wine enthusiasts who until now have been prohibited from buying out-of-state wines by phone, mail or Internet, or having bottles shipped home from a favorite winery discovered on vacation. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005



letter Junk Jeep By Jerry Cegelske - Tuesday
letter Shipping out By Calvin Edward - Tuesday
letter Bridge to No-Where By Don Hoff, Jr. - Tuesday
letter Apology By Robert McRoberts - Tuesday
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National: Bite-sized news from here and there - Amador County sheriff's officials raided a cockfight at a farm with a 10-foot-tall plastic chicken at the entrance, arresting 22 spectators, seizing 58 cocks prepared to fight and impounding about 750 more birds. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

Columns - Commentary

Jay Ambrose: Anonymous means unaccountable - Newsweek said a Pentagon investigation confirmed that a U.S. interrogator at Guantanamo Bay flushed a copy of the Koran down a toilet, furious Muslims around the world demonstrated against the United States and at least 17 people died as a result. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

Mark Patinkin: Journalists need to be better citizens - Usually, if you do a bad job in my business, the worst that happens is you have to run a correction.

Last week, some sloppy journalism apparently got a lot of people killed.- More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

Martin Schram: In Newsweek fiasco, journalistic and official mistakes were made "... Others complained that American soldiers insulted Islam by sitting on the Koran or dumping their sacred text into a toilet to taunt them."

- From the third paragraph of a March 26, 2003, Washington Post story from Kabul, that ran on page A12, beneath the headline: Returning Afghans Talk of Guantanamo - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

James Derk: It's up to parents to monitor kids' video games - In recent years, there have been many controversies about the violence, sex and other content issues in video games. It usually rears its head following a violent episode in real life and the investigation shows the teen perpetrator was a video game player.

However, parents like me now are faced with a real conundrum on the hard drives of our children because, unlike the movie industry, the gaming industry has done a lousy job of policing itself. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

Dale McFeatters: The brass handshake - If the largest pension default in U.S. history isn't a warning shot, it's hard to say what is - and harder to say who, outside of a rarefied circle of pension experts, is listening. Remember, the country sleepwalked into the savings-and-loan crisis and that cost us $200 billion to untangle.

Last week, as part of a bankruptcy filing, a federal judge allowed United Airlines to unload on the federal government the responsibility for the pensions of 134,000 workers and retirees and the $6.6 billion shortfall to pay them. - More...
Tuesday - May 17, 2005

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