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By Robert McRoberts


May 17, 2005

Albert White I apologize for not researching more thorough on the facts, I was trying to keep it short. Sometime short is not good. And I thank you for updating your history for me. It's now on paper so we can all read it.

My point is the bridge is not getting close to your burial grounds. There may be others along the shore, but there is not much chance that there are any left to find. If there are, maybe someone should go identify them before you hold up a $400 million project. That would be a bigger waste of money, then we have to blame someone else.

And if it is the noise from the traffic that you are worried about, I think that the cruise ships are wakening them up. I can lay in bed in the morning and feel the cruise ships coming up the canal.

Sorry Albert.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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