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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

Saturday - Sunday
May 07 - 08, 2005

Front Page Photo by Chris Wilhelm

'Postcard Perfect'
Front Page Photo by Chris Wilhelm


Alaska: Senate rejects House's pension plan - The state Senate on Saturday rejected the House's changes to a bill to overhaul the public employees and teachers retirement systems. Also Saturday, Gov. Frank Murkowski added to the pressure by saying he would not sign a capital budget unless the issue were resolved satisfactorily. - Read this story by the Fairbanks Daily News Miner...
Fairbanks Daily News Miner - Saturday - May 07, 2005

Alaska: Murkowski: Time to Reform Workers' Comp and PERS/TRS; National labor groups should not threaten state - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski reacted strongly Saturday to pressure by outside special interest groups seeking to kill the proposed retirement system reform currently working its way through the Legislature. - More...
Saturday - May 07, 2005

Alaska: House Democrats Decry Threat to Alaskans; Murkowski, Senate Republicans play politics with lives, livelihoods - Alaska House Democrats said today they are surprised that Gov. Frank Murkowski is threatening to veto important public works projects throughout Alaska. - More...
Saturday - May 07, 2005

audioKetchikan: Listen to this KRBD story... After years of debate, the Ketchikan City Council Thursday night voted to move forward with a plan to expand Ketchikan's Port Facilities. As Deanna Garrison reports, the Council decided to extend the city's existing downtown dock and build one new cruise ship dock. The new development, which must approved by voters, would take place on the north end of downtown.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - Saturday am - May 07, 2005

Ketchikan: Read this KRBD story...  A Ketchikan man accused of killing his 22-month-old daughter last year plead No Contest to Second-Degree Murder Thursday in Ketchikan's Superior Court.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - Saturday am - May 07, 2005



letter FUNDRAISING by Mike Harpold - Saturday
letter The Gravina Bridge by Rob Glenn - Saturday
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What Mother's Day
Meant in 1945
By: Cam Cardow,
The Ottawa Citizen
Distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons, Inc.

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Ketchikan Editorial
Cartoonist Roger Maynard

May 2005

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Larry Reisman: An imperishable monument - Today we recognize the end of World War II in Europe 60 years ago. A major milestone, V-E Day did not end the war entirely.

Our forces still had to cope with the forces of Imperial Japan in the Pacific, and there would have to be more fighting and dying before a troubled peace could be brought to the world.

Today, though, is a time to honor those men and women who still live among us, as well as those who fell in the conflict or have died since the war ended. - More...
Sunday - May 08, 2005

Dave Kiffer: "Star Bowling at the Billiken" - Hall of Fame bowler Dick Weber died earlier this Spring and that got me thinking about my "misspent" youth at the old Billiken Bowl on Stedman Street.

No, Weber never rolled a strike at the Billiken, as far as I know. But he was the big bowling star in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the Billiken was in its final frames.

I had a book called Dick Weber's "Champion's Guide to Bowling" and I literally wore the cover off it carrying it to the bowling alley and back (and thanks to Ebay, I have a "brand new" copy). It was important to have the book at the lanes because then I could look at the pictures and compare my stance and delivery with that of Weber's. - More...
Saturday - May 07, 2005

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on Motherly Love - Mothers galore will be awaiting a visit, flowers, a telephone call, or maybe even a public radio commentary from their children this weekend. Before you oblige, you should know that she loves you, right down to the molecular level.

For starters, she put a snug little cap on the end of your lagging strand to prevent you from catching your death of oldness too soon. She did this before you were born, before you were even conceived. She did this even before you were a twinkle in your father's eye. Let me explain.

As you probably know, all forms of life that we know about use DNA to encode the instructions for the molecular tool-kits that are responsible for both our innate outward appearance and inward personal chemistry. For humans, DNA comes in pairs. Twinned right-handed helices to be exact. - More...
Saturday - May 07, 2005

Dale McFeatters: Honoring Mom - The U.S. Census Bureau is enormously proud of all the facts and figures it collects and looks for opportunities to show them off. Such an occasion is Mother's Day.

The bureau's numbers present a fascinating snapshot of American motherhood at the outset of the 21st century, in some ways greatly changed, in some ways changed not at all since Anna Jarvis began her campaign for a designated Mother's Day in 1908.

For a start, the United States has 82.5 million mothers.

Their families are smaller than their mothers' mothers', an average of two children. Says the Census, "Only about 10 percent of women today end their childbearing years with four or more children. That compares with 36 percent in 1976." - More...
Saturday - May 07, 2005

June Allen Column Sponsors

The June Allen Column
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June Allen Column

photosAlaskan Chris Leding: 1886-1975; A Norwegian adventurer - By June Allen - Today's Ketchikan phone book includes a fair share of Scandinavian surnames. There are, however, relatively few Norse names among the records of the town's earliest settlers. Most of Ketchikan's Norwegian population originated later, during the early 1920s when the halibut fleet, its skippers, crewmen and families moved north from the Seattle area. An exception was the late Chris Leding, who wasn't yet a fisherman  when he settled down in Ketchikan the mid-1920s and who discovered commercial fishing much later in life. - More...
Thursday - April 07, 2005

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