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Torch Sessions
A Column by Joseph Branco


jpg Joseph Branco

Joseph Branco & son Wesley
Ketchikan, Alaska

arrow gif Google-Search Experts - The speed and ease of Internet capabilities makes it possible to do quick research on practically any conceivable topic from the history of World War II to Britney Spear's favorite make-out position. This sophisticated tool is an appropriate companion for fact-finding missions and research projects of all kinds. However, like wandering through a library void of clearly defined indicators between fact, fiction, non-fiction, reference, or fantasy, the Internet resource and the information it provides must be scrutinized with an impartial and unbiased mind in search of the truth. - More...
Wednesday - May 18, 2005

arrow gif The Federal Ponzi Scheme - We have begun hearing again about the get rich quick schemes collectively defined as Ponzi Schemes. The basic premise of these scams is that for a miniscule investment you will receive a great deal of money later. The problem is that the money isn't expertly invested or creating jobs and selling products. No, the money for the initial investors comes from new people entering the scam. New money collected is paid to those already in the program. The people just joining are promised that their money will come from new "investors". This is a pyramid scheme. - More..
Monday - April 25, 2005

arrow gif The Minimum Wage should be $0 - Who has the right to assign a minimum amount of money an employer can pay an employee? The government? By what authority? There are no provisions in the constitution that grant the government that kind of power. It is my contention that the concept of a "minimum wage" should be abolished. - More...
Friday - March 11, 2005

arrow gif Evolution vs. Creationism - I'll be honest, I have always disliked science. I was much more interested in writing, history, and music. With me, I don't really care what science can or cannot prove about the origins of mankind. This is not to say I am an idiot who enjoys ignorance, though it does feel good! But the problems I see on both sides of the Evolution debate are equally annoying. - More...
Tuesday - February 08, 2005

arrow gif True Heroes - America loves an underdog. A great comeback story is entertaining to and warmly embraced by the American people. We are all quick to congratulate those individuals who have triumphantly returned to a life of positive personal growth and community involvement from bouts with drugs, crime, or other downward spirals. These rebounds are, indeed, occasions to be proud of and celebrated. America is a country built on learning from our mistakes and growing from our experiences, both positive and negative. - More...
Thursday - January 27, 2005

arrow gif Rap Today - If you have ever turned on MTV in the last 20 years, you have, no doubt, seen and heard of a musical genre referred to as Rap or Hip Hop. The genre is usually defined by distinctive bass lines that outline the track with a great emphasis on the spoken word, generally rhymed in various patterns across the established beats. The concept of rapping or talking over a beat or melody is not unique to inner-city America in the 20th century as most give credit. In my own estimate, the true roots of the concept can be seen even in the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, several years before any urban American struggles manifested. - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

arrow gif Peaceland - I love most of my well-intentioned liberal friends whose opinions, however flawed and idealistic, stem from a genuine care for human life and the desire to protect others. My friends and their like-minded ilk across the country quest for fairness and equality, often finding their solutions beyond the confines of common sense and reality. It is through this love and respect for my bleeding-heart brethren that I offer my own solution for their many woes. It is time we finally give our liberal folks a chance to prove us all wrong. - More...
Tuesday - January 11, 2005

arrow gif Shed a Tear for Our Celebrities - Isn't it horrible? A celebrity is battling the crippling reality of anorexia. Another is boldly standing up to the unrelenting paparazzi. Yet another has had to deal with lactose intolerance her whole life. When other children were enjoying Trix cereal, she had to endure different breakfast items. She began to feel like an outcast, plummeting into depression and considering suicide. - More...
Monday - January 03, 2005




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