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Evolution vs. Creationism
by Joseph Branco

February 08, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - I'll be honest, I have always disliked science. I was much more interested in writing, history, and music. With me, I don't really care what science can or cannot prove about the origins of mankind. This is not to say I am an idiot who enjoys ignorance, though it does feel good! But the problems I see on both sides of the Evolution debate are equally annoying.

jpg Joseph Branco - Ketchikan

Joseph Branco & son Wesley

First, the creationist argument loses momentum when supporters try and pass off a religious belief as a science. The biggest mistake I see with my fellow Christians is the absolute literal attribution of the words of the Bible. Now I believe in God, and, yes, I dare to believe in Jesus. But I can see the Bible for the wonderful lessons it teaches and the brief glimpse into the life of Jesus it presents. Now I might not be a theologian, but I think it is obvious that the specifics mentioned in both the old and new testament were not to be taken as the "Gospel Truth" (Sorry had to use the misplaced pun!)

I also feel uncomfortable when scientists tout Evolution as proof that religion and the Bible is wrong. Certainly substantial proof exists that Evolution has shaped our existence. Despite the proof of an evolutionary pattern, the existence of a greater being or God is not disproved. The problem with the evolutionist argument is the apparent zeal with which many try and destroy the beliefs of good Christian people. Scientists, to their own detriment, will never get the respect they may deserve because of their often-tactless approach to introducing new findings. A good manager knows the key to implementing new or uncomfortable change is to offer understanding, an "out" for the beliefs seemingly challenged by the change, and most importantly a positive attitude that both seeks to explain the concept while supporting the beliefs of those who may feel threatened. What I mean is scientists, through pedantic displays of self-indulgent proclamations regarding scientific findings, fail to connect with the people. This failure to connect because of conceit and egocentric motivations further distances the scientific community with the common man. So when a theory becomes proven, the initial communication approach clouds the new proof to the point of disbelief. Imagine if I wanted to tell you about a discovery I have made. I open up the conversation by saying that all of your thoughts are wrong. Would you be willing to listen to me? No you would not. And even if you did, the entire time, you would feel insulted and dismissive of my every word. Basically scientists need a good Public Relations Department in the future.

I often wonder if I am the only one who can see that evolution and creationism can both work. Evolution does not have to contradict religion. If religious fanatics will stop taking every word of the Bible literally and focus more on the message, they would see how even evolution is not contradictory to God's creation of Mankind. Once again, I am a Lutheran who believes that by faith alone, we will be blessed. I have faith in God. I also think that God may have a purpose for evolution, perhaps it is to see who chooses science over faith and vice versa. But I also know of several Biologists, Anthropologists, Geneticists, who know Evolution to be a fact, but still believe that this is all a creation of God's will. In my opinion, the debate between Evolution and Creationism is vacuous. Once again, I am not a scientist or a religious fanatic. I am a Christian who respects truth but maintains faith. These two ideas about the origins of man are not as far apart as many think. You decide for yourself. I have contributed my two-cents. Perhaps years from now someone will read this letter and try and explain how back in the days, people used to pay two cents to have their opinions heard. Don't forget the effects time will have on history.


Joseph Branco is a freelance writer living in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Contact Joseph Branco at branco(AT)


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