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The Gravina Bridge
by Rob Glenn


May 07, 2005

I see that the Gravina bridge was brought up again in the news May 6 or 7th. It is amazing how they continue to go forward with the idea of building a bridge from one island to the next. Even after publicly being ridiculed on national television. I understand there are resident of Ketchikan who are just happy that the town is getting the money, and that I don't disagree with, however; why not build a road then to get us to the main land? At least we can then get off this island.

Points to ponder..... Ketchikan gets this bridge.

How much more money is going into then building roads on Gravina? Has anyone thought of that? We have all flown over it, there is a lot of marshy area.

The cost of the bridge is how much now 300+ million. In just the 3 years I have heard talk of this bridge how many times have the costs increased? Do Alaskans really believe that the cost is not going to increase?

It may bring workers to Ketchikan. But this is a big project, it is going to help give jobs to a small group of Ketchikan people, but where are the rest going to come from? And when and if the bridge is completed, where will most of those people go?

How much will they charge us to drive across this bridge. Right now you may hear that is it not going to cost a thing in tolls. But tell you what, if the bridge is built, we will pay. Don't listen to those who say it won't happen, let's wait and see. It is a perfect way to make money....we all need to go to the airport, prepare to open the wallet.

There are a lot of people in town who I have spoken with who think the bridge is not a good idea. They like the idea of Ketchikan getting money but would rather see it used for something else. There are those select few who do want the bridge for their interests on Gravina, and in my opinion it appears that in Alaska the minority rule and what most people want does not matter.

By the time this built how many of those who want it will still be living in Ketchikan? I mean this project is going to take a long time.

If you don't like this bridge, then we need to make the voices heard. If you like it, well looks like you may soon get your wish.

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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