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Senator Stevens is our superhero
By Dr. Parry Aftab


May 26, 2005

I was very excited to see your mention of our summit in Washington and the award we presented to Senator Ted Stevens. The Senator has always been our superhero. And now Spider-Man made it official!

But, the most important thing I want to note is that Senator Stevens, while always caring about children everywhere, really does this for Alaska. Many Senators "talk the talk." But Senator Stevens "walks the walk." Whenever you talk to him, or do anything with him, his focus is always on how he can help his constituents. It's always about Alaska.

So,we are going to bring our FBI-trained teen and preteen programs ( to Alaska soon. Once we train the kids, they train others and share the word on safe, private and responsible Internet use. I was so impressed with the kids and the tech savvy communities in Alaska, I can't wait to get them involved.

We have thousands of volunteers that make up None of us is paid a dime. All of us do this for the kids. We work from our computers, wherever they are - at work, home or school. That's a perfect model for Alaska. It's a great way to get everyone in Alaska involved as Internet safety ambassadors, and ways to get parents and kids safer online.

When Senator Stevens first heard about our working with Marvel Comics, he offered to host an event at the US Senate, introduce the characters and help us get the word out. But he asked us to fly up to Anchorage with The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man and do presentations to Camp Fire kids in Anchorage. We had so much fun! And, we can't wait to come back. Alaska is clearly God's country!

I have every state in the US asking me to set up chapters, but Senator Stevens wants us to make Alaska next. We agreed. I can't wait!

If schools or parents have teens or preteens they want to get involved or any adults want to volunteer to help themselves, visit us at We need and want your help!

I can't wait!

Dr. Parry Aftab
Wyckoff, NJ - USA



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