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Old Homestead
By Jim Gropper


May 26, 2005

I and my dad moved to Ketchikan in 1936. I went to school there and I still remember my teacher, Mrs. McGraw?? My dad worked for her son building houses. I was the kid who sold curios to the troop ships going north for Emery Tobin [ak Sportsman]. I was in the Army from 1950-53 and came back to Alaska. We then moved to Petersburg. I went back in the Army in 1966 and retired in 1975 - 21 years Korea/RVN. I am now at Post 4985 Dalton, Georgia. That's my history.

The main thing is I want to send the best for this Memorial Day to all at the old homestead. I hope you have a great turn out to remember all those departed from GW to today. I am still hopping maybe some of our missing in action (MIA) will come home and that you don't have to send your National Guard Unit to the sand bowl?

By the way my father's name was Frank Gropper. I know it sounds like my history but just wanted you to know I used to live there at one time.

God bless all our troops.

Jim Gropper, SSGT Retired
Dalton, GA - USA



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