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RE: Gateway to Southern Southeast
By Lynne Miller


May 26, 2005

Having read both Mr. Ellis and Ms. McCreary's comments on the bridge "issue" I feel both sides are more than adequately "educated" on the issue.

I myself have exercised great feats of attempting to "educate" my own self literally to tears by attempting to dissect volumes of substantiated, "educated" materials on this issue, listening to "educated" speakers on the topic, dissecting the pretty bridge samples displayed in the "plaza" for all of our communities collective "education", observing business respresentatives drooling over the "suggestion" that our already overcommercialized wilderness could be expanded to one, two or even three more islands.

So, "education" aside at the end of the day, either you "like" the idea of multi-bridge expansion in, around and over the Tongass National Forest, or you simply do not. Nothing necessarily "educated" about it.

For me, it's like watching the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau get swallowed up by cement "improvements" over all these years, making my 1980's recollection of a simpler, more pristine glacier nothing more now than just a bittersweet memory. That is the way I am sure I will think of Ketchikan in the future - irregardless of any and all "educated" reasons for cementing over its beautiful, pristine surrounding islands.

Lynne Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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