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By Pete Ellis


May 25, 2005

It is a bit difficult to respond to McCreary's viewpoint when I do not know who she is and she has not included some background as to where she is coming from with her views. In any event her remarks do indicate a rather limited lack of foresight as to the future and certainly not a positive attitude as to what the potentials can be.

Certainly a connection to the mainland is important.....It will become more of a reality when the need and use of that connection are increased by the Gravina gateway.

The factors supporting the bridge justifications are available if Bobbie wants to dig for the same a bit and she should start with DOT and it's already substantial expenditure of funds in terms of planning and design. Perhaps she can encourage them to provide some of the answers she requests. Better yet perhaps when she does a little more exploring she can provide us all with a broader understanding of the justification background.

I think we all feel some misgivings as to the increasing tourist traffic but there is some satisfaction in knowing that the traveling tourists have an opportunity to partake in our wilderness and surroundings and perhaps also marvel at our low-key bridge designs and the greater ease in terms of traveling to and from the area.

Perhaps we might reflect upon what easy airport access will mean to those of us who reside here and also feel inclined to occasionally visit and travel the Pennock and Gravina roadsystems.

Bobbie, I would question your assertion that you are not a reactionary and do favor change. If so why not pursue a little education to improve the scope of your perspective?


Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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