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Protecting the community
By Jeff Kemp


June 01, 2005

I've read in the City Police Report in SitNews several times that Ketchikan Police have observed a person who appears to be intoxicated get into his/her car and drive away, only to be stopped by the police a short time later and arrested for DUI. That happened to a friend of mine in Juneau several years ago. I've always been curious as to why the police allow a person to get into the car and drive away if the person appears to be intoxicated. Why doesn't the police stop the person before he/she gets into the car and then confront him/her about what they are about to do? In the latest case, the police "contacted" the offender after observing him stagger into a liquor store, exit and then drive away in his vehicle (May 28 report).

How does allowing an obviously intoxicated person enter a vehicle and drive away protect the community? What would have happened if the intoxicated person would have killed someone after they were observed driving away? I question the judgment of the police when they let this activity occur. Perhaps they should put aside the satisfaction of an arrest and be more proactive with protecting the community-at-large in these types of situations.

Jeff Kemp
Juneau, AK - USA


Ketchikan Police Report


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