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By Pete Ellis


June 01, 2005

The comparisons that Hoff uses in his May 31st analysis are a distortion of the true facts and part of the continuing efforts, of one who no longer lives in the community, to continue a negative approach towards future needs.

Specifically the comparison using population figures for the Boston area while totally neglecting the population of Southern Southeast Alaska is improper. In addition the failure to consider the volume of potential traffic including that presently generated by the airport ferry is likewise a misrepresentation of the true impact and future use.

We should perhaps reflect upon what the bridge will accomplish in terms of area growth and the fact that growth will most certainly provide an incentive for a highway across the island and a connection with the Bradfield road system with access thereby to British Columbia and the lower 48. Let us please be positive and plan ahead.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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