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Going once, going twice...
By Debbi Swaim


June 10, 2005

Mr. Kiffer, Great article. I too have fond memories of the PBY and Grumman Gooses. Mine are of them flying from Ketchikan to Annette, as well as, watching them empty "camp" (Thorne Bay) for the 4th of July shut-down and then bring it back to life after the holiday! At the time I was a little girl sitting on the bank waiting for the planes to fly over camp just to see them floating in the bay circling waiting to load or unload. They always looked to be sinking to me and I was facinated when my mother would take us to sit on the dock (out of the way) and watch as the pilot jumped out of the sliding window, not before someone had helped position the tires for the pontoon!

What fun and great memories. Thank you for the article and I would also buy a ticket for a ride!

Debbi Swaim
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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Friday - June 10, 2005


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