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Magical Alaska
By Neil Gray


June 13, 2005

Dave Kiffer's article was very good. Reminds of the first day in 1971 that I flew to Ketchikan the "first" time I worked for KTKN Radio. My first thought getting off the Western Airlines jet, and transferring to the the Grumman Goose was, "what have I done?" However, I never regretted it.

On another lighter side of life.. I was in the Best Buy store in El Cajon a couple of weeks ago doing shopping for a TV and got into a conversaton with the sales clerk. For some reason the topic of Alaska came up, and the clerk says, "My uncle was Governor of Alaska." Of course that prompted a little more detailed discussion about Alaska. His uncle: Jay Hammond. It just goes to show no matter where you go, Alaska still has that magical, mystical effect on people.

Neil Gray
E-mail: ngray(AT)
Lakeside, CA - USA


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