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Dreams and hopes for Ketchikan are about to be realized
By Colleen Scanlon


June 14, 2005

I have withheld making comment for months now to Don Hoff s continued complaints about the proposed bridge to the airport. However, I can no longer keep quite, as I think some facts need to be pointed out here. 1. The voters of Ketchikan voted 2-1 in favor of the bridge, so please Mr. Hoff, make it clear that it is YOU who does not want the bridge, not the residents of Ketchikan. 2. The tax dollars that are being spent on this project come from the federal highway funds which are derived from gasoline taxes, etc. Other states have benefited for years from these funds, and it is finally Alaska's turn to receive them and catch up with the rest of the world. 3. This bridge has nothing to do with Governor Frank Murkowski. It is a concept that has been discussed for more than 20 years and spearheaded by such people as Ralph Bartholomew and my grandfather Paul Wingren. Both of these men were visionaries, and saw the potential that access to airport can bring to the economic viability of our community. 4. The airport ferry costs us, those of us who live here in Ketchikan. They are now charging $5.00 each way to get to and from the airport. If we had a bridge then the Borough would no longer have to subsidize this operation, and could perhaps ultimately cut local property taxes, as they will no longer have the expenses of running the airport ferries which run at a huge deficit even with their fees. It will also open up private land for development, and again the potential for new revenue streams in our community. Additionally, there will not be a toll on the bridge so once it is up and running we can travel to the airport at anytime without cost.

Mr. Hoff, you are entitled to your opinion, however, it is the residents of Ketchikan who live and vote here that matter the most, so why not throw in the towel, and give it up. You can write all of the rhetoric you would like, however, it isn't going to change a project that is well on its way to finally being realized. I know both my grandfather and Ralph Bartholomew are watching from above, and are cheering like mad because their dreams and hopes for Ketchikan are about to be realized.

Colleen Scanlon
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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