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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

June 09, 2005

Front Page Photo Dick Kauffman

'Downtown Dock'
Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

Alaska: Alaska Native Language Center publishes Haida dictionary - A major comprehensive dictionary of the Haida language of Southeastern Alaska and the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia is now available in print. Compiled by John Enrico and co-published by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Native Language Center and Sealaska Heritage Institute, the "Haida Dictionary" is as complete a record of the language as is possible.

"John Enrico is a first-rate linguist who worked with Native Haida speakers to compile a full documentary record of the language," said Tom Alton, ANLC. "This dictionary not only helps to preserve the language, it protects and cultivates a piece of our cultural heritage as well." - More...
Thursday - June 09, 2005

National: Focusing attention on Africa - President Bush maintains that the United States has taken the lead in offering aid to Africa, a chronically troubled continent plagued by disease and poverty, and insists that "we'll stay there."

While the president has publicly rejected calls to double U.S. aid to the region - a commitment that would cost the Treasury more than $6 billion a year - he vowed that the world's richest nation will do more to "help Africa get on her feet." - More...
Thursday - June 09, 2005

National: Hamm still steamed over USOC's lack of support By DAVID NIELSEN - Lingering wounds from the Athens Olympics resurfaced Thursday when gold medal-winning gymnast Paul Hamm testified on Capitol Hill that U.S. Olympic officials were slow to support him in a bitter dispute with a South Korean competitor.

Ten months ago Hamm became the first American man to win the all-around Olympics gymnastics gold, edging South Korean Yang Tae Young. But his celebration was short-lived when the revelation of a judge's scoring error prompted several observers, including the head of the international gymnastics federation, to ask Hamm to return the gold, while others floated the prospect of awarding a second gold medal to Young. - More...
Thursday - June 09, 2005

National: Study confirms: Appearances do matter in politics By LEE BOWMAN - Sure it's shallow and superficial, but a new study confirms what political image-makers have been trading on for years: Looks matter in a candidate.

Research published Friday in the journal Science shows that congressional candidates whose facial appearance made them seem "competent" were more likely to win elections.

"Our findings have challenging implications for the rationality of voting preferences, adding to other findings that consequential decisions can be more 'shallow' than we would like to believe," wrote Alexander Todorov, a psychologist now at New York University who was an assistant professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton when the research was done. - More...
Thursday - June 09, 2005

'Newborns' Photo Gallery
Front Page Photo by Judy Madden

National: Arrest of imams in California upsets Pakistani community leaders By EMILY BAZAR and CHRISTINA JEWETT - Several years ago, Imam Muhammed Adil Khan of the Lodi, Calif., mosque signed a "Declaration of Peace" with a rabbi and a Christian minister. The declaration condemned terrorism by religious fanatics of all faiths.

Over the weekend, Khan - known to local Muslim leaders as an honorable man who often reached out to other faiths - reportedly was caught in an FBI sweep that has struck fear into many of Lodi's 2,500 Pakistani Americans. - More...
Thursday - June 09, 2005

National: Legislation aims to save oceans By MICHAEL COLLINS - Responding to reports that the world's oceans are in distress, lawmakers in Congress took the first steps Thursday toward what supporters described as a comprehensive approach toward protecting marine resources and habitat.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., filed legislation that calls for the most significant overhaul of U.S. ocean policy in more than a quarter-century. - More...
Thursday - June 09, 2005

Fishing vessel sits high and dry
F/V Bucaneer
Photo by Petty Officer Peter Meacham

National: Bite-sized news from here and there -A woman who worked as a secretary for a dozen years at a middle school has fled with $480,000 she allegedly embezzled from the students' activity fund, police said. - More...
Thursday - June 09, 2005

Ketchikan: Over three pounds of processed marijuana seized; Ketchikan man arrested - The Southeast Alaska Narcotics Enforcement Team investigators working with Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) officers have been attempting to disrupt the drug and alcohol flow between Ketchikan and Metlakatla.

According to the Alaska Bureau of Alcohol & Drug Enforcement, on June 2nd SEANET investigators contacted 37-year-old Christopher Sondie of Ketchikan on board the F/V 8-Mile concerning a report of someone dealing marijuana on the vessel to people from Metlakatla. - More...
Thursday - June 09, 2005



letter Boats, Floats, and Trash! By Jerry Cegelske - Thursday
letter Re: Not what the country needs By Rick Grams - Thursday
letter More Viewpoints/ Letters
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Columns - Commentary

Dale McFeatters: Two C students who give hope to many - Let's be frank. Neither George W. Bush nor John Kerry, had he made the White House instead, was any kind of threat to nudge out Thomas Jefferson as our most intellectual president. But for some of us more than others, there should be a statute of limitations on college grades.

Here you are at age 58, Bush, or 61, Kerry, solidly set on a distinguished career as a U.S. president or U.S. senator and suddenly - THWACK! - your mediocre college grades get hashed out in the press (Kerry) or rehashed (Bush). - More...
Thursday - June 07, 2005

Ben Grabow: Our crisis of national width - We are facing a nationwide crisis of width.

It is a crisis of epic proportions, one that grows larger each year and will continue to grow until it is impossible to ignore. It is a crisis we see on the local news every day, especially while we're eating dinner. - More...
Thursday - June 07, 2005

Ann McFeatters: Bush's answer to global warming: soybeans - President Bush has seen the future and suggests it's a U.S. president thrilled with the soybean report.

This is what he said, when asked a few days ago by a British reporter if he believes that climate change is manmade and whether he, as head of the world's richest nation, has a responsibility to do all he can to reverse it. - More...
Thursday - June 07, 2005

Michael Fumento: Reflections from the Iraq war - I traveled to Iraq essentially for two reasons. First, I believed the mainstream media for whatever reason were missing many important stories. Second, I believed you had to see the war to truly understand it. I was fed up with the pompous pontificating pundits who can go to Iraq anytime but prefer the comfort and safety of home. I paid the price for my trip; a part of me will always remain in Iraq - literally. But I was right on both counts. - More...
Thursday - June 07, 2005

Dan Thomasson: How Congress can quickly strike a blow for common sense - There are two areas of concern Congress needs to deal with immediately _ marijuana as a medical tool and pharmacists who place their religious beliefs above their licensed duty.

While these issues don't seem as pressing in the scheme of things as democratizing Iraq or solving the long-range problems of Social Security, resolving them quickly might just send a signal that now and then common sense does prevail in government, a badly needed sign in these days of prolonged squabbling over legislative procedure. - More...
Thursday - June 07, 2005

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