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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska
November 24, 2005

Front Page Feature by Marie Monyak

 'We have much to be thankful for....'
Charlie Miller, Carrie Fredrick, Chris Brewton,  Gigi Lastimosa, Bonnie Lynch,
Greg Wilks,
 Jane Hanchett, Jessie Kvale,  Mickie Turner and Kaylin Haywood share what they are thankful for on this day..
Feature By Marie Monyak

Ketchikan: 'We have much to be thankful for....' By MARIE MONYAK - Today is Thanksgiving. Ketchikan's high winds and heavy rains can't dampen the spirits of Ketchikanites on this annual holiday - for there is much to be thankful for on this day and everyday.

President Bush on Tuesday said, "Thanksgiving is a holiday rooted in the American spirit of gratitude and sharing. We see this spirit in America today. ... We also give thanks on Thanksgiving for our many blessings, and we thank those who are far away from home who protect our freedoms. It's through the courage and skill of our Armed Forces that we're safe as a nation, and we're very proud of their service."

Thanksgiving is a day that brings into focus our many blessings and also ushers in the "official" start of the Christmas season in our modern day world. And in Ketchikan as people celebrate this special holiday with family and friends focusing on their many blessings, a few people of Ketchikan shared their thoughts about what they are thankful for on this day. - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005

jpg President Bush & Marshmallow

President George W. Bush pets "Marshmallow," the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Tuesday, November 22, 2005, during the Turkey Pardoning Ceremony, held in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington. White House photo by Shealah Craighead

National: President Pardons "Marshmallow and Yam" in Annual Turkey Ceremony - At the official pardoning ceremony Tuesday of two turkeys at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, Marshmallow, the National Thanksgiving Turkey, was introduced by President George W. Bush. Bush said of Yam, the alternative turkey receiving a pardon, "He's around here somewhere. He's not going to be in this room. He's in a pickup truck hanging out by the South Lawn."

Bush said, "The granting of the turkey pardon is not a responsibility that I take lightly..." He said, "I'm going to grant a pardon this afternoon, and the pardon I grant comes with a new measure of responsibility and fame for Marshmallow and Yam. In the past years, the turkeys I spared went on to lead lives of leisure at Frying Pan Park in the state of Virginia. This year is going to be a little different. Marshmallow and Yam were a little skeptical about going to a place called "Frying Pan Park." I don't blame them. So I'm proud to announce that Marshmallow and Yam will serve as honorary grand marshals at Disneyland's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And they'll go on to spend the rest of their natural lives at Disneyland."

The President invited children on stage to pet "Marshmallow, " the National Thanksgiving Turkey, at the official pardoning ceremony. Bush said, "...the White House is called the people's house, and we're going to call Marshmallow and Yam the people's turkeys. They made it here through a democratic process. There was a nationwide election on the White House website."

President Bush said, "In the end, the voters made the choice, and it was a close election. You might say it was neck and neck." - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005



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Holiday Columns

Barton Goldsmith: Be grateful - The holiday season has begun, and from now until New Year's Day is a good time to take time to reflect on what's most important and express gratitude to those you love. We're only here for a very short time. Being thankful will help you value it. Don't forget to be grateful for the following:

1. Life. Life is a gift, and life with love is heaven on Earth. To be able to share whatever you have with those closest to you is one of the best feelings any human being could ever experience.

2. Laughter. Being with someone who makes you laugh every day is healing, enriching and just downright fun. It is also one of the signs of a healthy relationship.

3. Trust. To be at peace, partners must trust each other. Knowing your partner is there for you and will remain faithful on all levels takes a lot of the stress of daily living away. - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005

Michael Goforth: Giving thanks from A to Z - On this day we celebrate a cornucopia of blessings.

We are thankful for angels who guard us, for anthems and artists, for pendants made of amber and amber waves of grain, for acts of charity and arias by Bocelli, for bright-eyed babies in homes where they are loved, for Bach, Beethoven and beautiful beach boardwalks, for blues tunes and butterscotch brownies; for county fairs and cuddles and corn-on-the-cob, for carolers and Christmas trees, and for chewy chocolate chip cookies; for Degas and Dali and DVDs, for dancing and romancing and dreams that come true.

We're thankful for ears to hear and eyes to see, for evergreen trees and evenings by the sea, for elevators and escalators and everything coming up roses; for friends and family and the feast we share today, for football and fishing and festivals and fantasies. - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005

Sharon Randall: My true Thanksgiving - This is the lull before the storm we call "the holidays."

Can you hear it? Of course not. It's silence - a rarity, especially at this time of year.

My house is now clean, or as clean as it gets. I've changed the sheets, dusted the stove and put the vacuum cleaner back in the closet for another year.

In a few hours (or maybe days, as I'm never really sure just when they'll all show up until I see the whites of their eyes) my three grown children and their "others" will start returning to the nest.

Upon their arrival, the phone will start ringing. The dryer will begin to hum. The cat will get catty and go into hiding. And the refrigerator will start to open and close like the sliding door of a supermarket.

All the silent, empty spaces will be filled to overflowing with belly laughs and loud music and other sounds I've come to love - a basketball bouncing on the back court; glasses clinking in the kitchen; bare feet clomping up and down the stairs. - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005

Columns - Commentary

Michael Reagan: A GOP Thanksgiving Turkey - Just in time for Thanksgiving, warm-hearted Republicans in the House of Representatives have come up with a genuine turkey for the nation's taxpayers to swallow - a bill to ladle out a whopping $830 million to millions of Americans to pay for converting their TV sets to receive high-tech digital transmissions.

A bill passed on Friday before the members ran off to spend Thanksgiving at home and brag about how they are cutting spending (while bringing home the federal bacon to their districts), requires TV broadcasters to switch to all-digital transmissions by December 2008.

Some 21 million households are dependent on free, over-the-air TV, and will need converter boxes to keep receiving their television signals after the switch to all-digital TV transmission. The Associated Press says that cable and satellite customers will not be affected. - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005

Martin Schram: The Can-Do Coalition - Here in Hate City, Washington's partisans plunged themselves this month to record depths of shame-and-blame name-calling over war and peace.

Things got so bitter in the nation's capital last week that you couldn't tell the leaders from the wing nuts. Indeed, the 16 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue that separate the Congress from the White House reverberate with sounds ranging from road rage to Rove rage.

But back in the congressional cloakrooms and occasionally on television news, you could hear a wisp of rational response and even problem-solving discourse, voiced by thoughtful adults who are also politicians. They stand out because they seem more interested in reining abuses by their party's leaders and working with, rather than pummeling, the other side. - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005

Clifford May: Memo to Murtha - Before I say anything else, Congressman Murtha, let me thank you - for your long public service in Washington and, before that, in Vietnam.

And let me commend you, too, for sparking an honest debate. Until now, what has passed for debate on Iraq has been mostly slander - for example, calling President Bush a liar and questioning his patriotism. Yes, questioning his patriotism, because anyone who would lie to get America into a war for reasons unrelated to national security would not be a patriot. He'd be a traitor.

I ask you, sir: Has such a vicious charge ever before been leveled at an American president in a time of war - or even a time of peace?

But you have not taken this low road. Instead, you have said you believe the war in Iraq "cannot be won" and that "it's time to bring the troops home." This is a discussion worth having. - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005

James Glassman: Defuse the ticking tax bombs - The first rule in government, as in medicine, is the Hippocratic one: Do no harm. Unfortunately, Congress is about to do severe harm to the U.S. economy if it fails to act in the next few months to stop three huge automatic tax increases.

Let me shift metaphors. The increases - 133 percent for the rate on dividend income, 33 percent for the rate on capital gains and what amounts to an infinite increase in the coming rate on what you pass on to your heirs - comprise a ticking time bomb.

The dividend and capital gains rates were reduced to 15 percent in 2003. The estate (also called death or inheritance) tax got an overhaul in 2001, with gradual reductions over 10 years and complete elimination set for 2010. - More...
Thursday - November 24, 2005

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