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Criticizing our commanders... OH, YAWN!
By David Hanger


November 22, 2005

On December 11, 1941, Adolf Hitler declared war on the United States. During WWII the Communists were our allies and good buddies; only thereafter did they become our mortal enemies.

As for criticizing our idiotic leaders and their insipid, endless, and now pointless war in Iraq, well small war, cheap war, can be protracted for decades and decades of time. There is no possibility of victory because there is no foundation upon which "victory" can be defined, one of the great joys of asymmetric warfare. So those of you who want to participate in or finance that chronic insanity, wave your flags and grovel at the feet of your fearless leaders and go shoot ragheads to your heart's content.

But like for the $3 that we can choose or not choose to contribute to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund on our tax returns, how about putting a couple of checkoff boxes on the tax return so the rest of us can choose or not choose to contribute to your lovely little war and that wonderful representative of American culture, Halliburton.

We are not losing this war, Mr. Bolling, because of a lack of patriotism. We are losing this war because of the idiots who are in charge of running it. Abe Lincoln's worst political general had more sense than this crude bunch.

David Hanger
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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