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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska
November 23, 2005

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

'On Watch'
Front Page Photo By Carl Thompson

Ketchikan: Backers to fight for Alaska bridges By SEAN COCKERHAM - Ketchikan leaders didn't worry much about the national criticism of their bridge because they figured Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young had it locked in. Now they are launching a "Save Our Bridge" public relations blitz.

They need to convince Railbelt state legislators it's not a "bridge to nowhere."

"We always believed that Don and Ted would take care of this. And consequently the people in the Alaska state Legislature don't understand (the need for the bridge)," said JC Conley, one of the main organizers of Ketchikan's effort to salvage the bridge project. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

National: A look at Bush's early declarations on Iraq - A look at Bush's early declarations on Iraq By BILL STRAUB - President Bush is engaged in an increasingly bitter exchange with critics who maintain the White House intentionally misled the public to generate support for the war in Iraq.

Evidently most people seem to believe those claims - 64 percent of those questioned in the most recent Harris Interactive Poll believe the administration "generally misleads the public on current issues."- More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

National: Professor slams timing of Bush ad By SCOTT MACKAY - It has become known as one of the most effective TV presidential campaign commercials ever: President Bush consoling a 9-year-old Ohio girl named Ashley whose mother died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Bush hugged Ashley at an appearance in Ohio in 2003, holding her close and telling her, "I know that's hard. Are you all right?"- More....
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

National: Bacteria's inner workings exposed By SUE VORENBERG - Inside a supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a moving mass of 2.64 million atoms has squirmed to life, and with it, the first glimpse of cyber-bacteria.

These cyber-bacteria - models of the interior workings of bacteria cells - could lead the way to a generation of antibiotics that kill the critters from the genetic level up, said Kevin Sanbonmatsu, a scientist at the lab.- More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

National: Record levels of food available, eaten by Americans By LANCE GAY - Americans today are living in a very fat land.

Government economists say that not only is there more food available for the American diet than they have ever recorded, but Americans are also eating more each year. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

National: So these scientists go into a lab to see what's funny ... By KEAY DAVIDSON - Seriously folks, scientists want to know what tickles people's funny bones, and they're looking into the brain to find out.

At Stanford University, Professor Allan L. Reiss and his colleagues are using a brain-scanning technique in combination with "Bizarro" and "Far Side" cartoons to see if activity in the gray matter between the ears reveals whether men and women react differently to visual humor. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

National: Alito's record has feminists ready for battle By BOB EGELKO - From abortion to sex discrimination to family leave, some of Samuel Alito's most important rulings during 15 years on the federal bench have involved issues related to women, and some of the strongest opposition to his Supreme Court nomination comes from women's-rights groups. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005



letter The earmarks for the bridge are gone By Patrick Jirschele - Tuesday PM
letterAmericans coming into Canada for All Native Tournament By Roberta Aiken - Tuesday PM
letter Criticizing our commanders... OH, YAWN! By David Hanger - Tuesday PM
letter Those who criticize our commanders By Erin Bellon - Tuesday PM
letter"Why not me?" By Brenda Bratley - Monday am
letter THANK YOU By Ken Levy - Monday am
letter Glenn/Metzenbaum debate By David Landis- Monday am
letterTo Those Who Criticize... and Patriotism By Gregory Fast- Monday am
letter The Bridge Battle By Don Hoff Jr.- Monday am
letter Better come up with another plan By Robert McRoberts- Monday am
letter More Viewpoints/ Letters
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Hot Zone: Marines still living and dying in Iraq's most unforgiving province By KEVIN SITES - AL ANBAR PROVINCE, Iraq - During the month of November, members of the U.S. Marine Corps are celebrating their 230th birthday. And regardless of where they are at the moment, this is how they celebrate: with a cake. The first slice is eaten by the commanding officer, the second by the oldest in the unit, the third by the youngest.

For Golf Company, of the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines, based on the outskirts of Falllujah in al Anbar Province, the oldest Marine is a 37-year-old sergeant. The youngest is an 18-year-old private. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

Tech Talk: Virus creators at it again By MIKE BERMAN - When was the last time you received an email form the FBI or the CIA?

The blood-sucking, vermin virus creators are at it again, this time spreading a new scourge via email that warns unsuspecting victims they've been observed visiting illegal Web sites. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

Columns - Commentary

Bob Cinimel: And the Winner is: Alaska! - A month or so ago, I wrote a letter-to-the-editor taking a tongue-in-cheek poke at Alaska Airlines' "Flying Salmon" Boeing 737. I was rightly admonished for not having my facts straight, so I really can't disagree with those who challenged my position.

With that in mind, and with the recent cancellation of the "Bridge to Nowhere" project, which consumed the letters-to-the-editor page for several months, I embarked on a little research to see just how many Federal projects are funded for Alaska in a typical year. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

J.M. Barol: Gratitude found in odd places - Finding things to be thankful for sometimes means looking places you wouldn't normally find gratitude.

Take my closet, for example. The other day as I was putting on my running shoes, I discovered the remains of a beetle - the latest victim of my cat's hunting adventures.

Once I shook the shell from my shoe - and the goose bumps from my skin - I took a moment to say thanks out loud for Palo being a happy, healthy, inquisitive cat. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

Reg Henry: The uncivil society - As you can imagine, my line of work brings me into contact with a great number of jerks. They are oafish, hostile people who are full of wrong opinions and recognize no inhibitions in expressing them.

But enough about editors. Some of you readers are no treat, either. Everywhere modern life is depressingly uncivil - witness the outbreak of bad manners that occurred on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in the debate over Iraq last week. They should have all been sent to bed without their supper. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

Editorial: Despite troubles, Americans have many reason to give thanks - Some Americans may feel that there is less to be thankful for today than usual. America has been battered by war in Iraq, conflict in Afghanistan, nasty political squabbling over the Iraq war, high energy prices, corporate downsizing, and a series of devastating storms, one of which has left an important city a shell of its once-vibrant self. And we are told that a bird-flu pandemic may lurk. (Admittedly, the news media scan the horizon for headline-grabbing disasters, real or imagined.) - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

Editorial: Giving and giving thanks - Americans have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, at the top of the list - freedom and opportunity. Yet, for too many families, empty chairs around the Thanksgiving table have become as much a staple as the turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie.

War and disasters do not respect holidays.

In many households, the empty chair belongs to a spouse, son or daughter serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. This brings a greater understanding that, for all that we might give thanks for on this day, what truly matters rests in our hearts and in the hearts of those we love. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2005

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