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Giving thanks from A to Z
An editorial / By Michael Goforth
Scripps Howard News Service


November 24, 2005

On this day we celebrate a cornucopia of blessings.

We are thankful for angels who guard us, for anthems and artists, for pendants made of amber and amber waves of grain, for acts of charity and arias by Bocelli, for bright-eyed babies in homes where they are loved, for Bach, Beethoven and beautiful beach boardwalks, for blues tunes and butterscotch brownies; for county fairs and cuddles and corn-on-the-cob, for carolers and Christmas trees, and for chewy chocolate chip cookies; for Degas and Dali and DVDs, for dancing and romancing and dreams that come true.

We're thankful for ears to hear and eyes to see, for evergreen trees and evenings by the sea, for elevators and escalators and everything coming up roses; for friends and family and the feast we share today, for football and fishing and festivals and fantasies.

We give thanks for grins, guffaws and gifts from the heart, for golden skies and golden chains, for golf and glory, green frogs and puppy dogs; for heaven's promise, for hymns and hugs and Harry Potter, for holidays from work and the Hard Rock Cafe; for ice cream and ice sculptures and inventive imaginations; for jams and jellies and jam sessions with jazz, for Jellico cats and for justice.

Today we give thanks for kittens and kisses and the chance to be with kin, for kaleidoscopes and kangaroos and keys to better knowledge; for lilacs and lace, liberty and lessons learned; for milkshakes and Microsoft and Mama's lemon meringue, for manatees, magnolias and for mammograms; for nurses and for NPR and nature in its natural state; for orchids and orange juice and Oreo cookies dipped in milk, for overtime pay and Oliver Twist and overtures to Broadway plays.

We're thankful, too, for pelicans and penguins and petting zoos, for poetry and pottery, Puccini and Picasso, for popcorn and pizza, for pines and palms and peonies, for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain; for quilts of many squares and quiet moments when they seem so rare; for radios and Rolling Stones and exciting rendezvous; for stereos and sunny days, for Sopranos and Spielberg and for soldiers home from war.

And, for time to share and teddy bears, for turkey and all the trimmings, for talented teachers and Tin Pan Alley, for family traditions, for Tivo and tickles, sarongs and thongs, and Tiger on a tear; for the union of states we call our own, for unicorns, ukuleles and unlost umbrellas; for VCRs and violins, Vivaldi and visits from Santa; for wading birds and walking tracks and winter's warm woolen mittens; for X-rays and Yahoo and yams and Yo-Yo Ma; for Zora Neale Hurston and Zorro and for catching z's in a summer breeze.

For all the blessings granted to us, though, we're thankful most for life and for love. We wish for all a happy and thanks-inspiring Thanksgiving.


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