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Bridges to our future
By Robin Craviotto


November 24, 2005

They are bridges to the future, not a bridge too far or a bridge to nowhere. History is replete with so-called bridges to nowhere, expounded by ostrich-heads and naysayers galore. How in the world did our country grow and prosper unless we spanned all those rivers on our westward expansion?

Recently an Oklahoma congressman (a state smack dab in the middle of the westward expansion) tried to take the money from Alaska and give it to Hurricane Katrina victims. Does he not understand that Oklahoma has been a state since 1907, almost 99 years, whereas Alaska has been a state since 1959, only half that time? If it weren't for a longtime Alaska senator, we wouldn't be close to catching up to the infrastructure needed for a prosperous economy. It is not pork if it encourages growth and the average person's standard of living. No! Pork is money for something unnecessary.

Both of the proposed bridges, in Ketchikan and Anchorage, are needed for their local economies and are long overdue. It is sad commentary when other states, whose infrastructure has been built long ago attempt to deprive Alaskans of their need. None of us should stand for it. Let us build these bridges, be proud of them, and name one after Jay Hammond, as well as the highways that will be constructed to connect to them.

Robin Craviotto
Palmer, AK - USA



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