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June 25, 2004

   Front Page Photo by Nancy Jensen

'Final Spinnaker Run'
Front Page Photo by Nancy Jensen



letter Open Letter: Unresponsive to concerns & disingenuous by Bob Weinstein - Ketchikan - 06/25/04
letter Shocked, saddened and dismayed by Archie Inoncillo - Ketchikan - 06/25/04
letter RE: Comprehensive Smoke-Free Workplace Law by Karen Ramsey -Ward Cove - 06/25/04
letter Thank You by Joseph Branco - Ketchikan - 06/25/04
letter Soldiers' Angels by Tim Droke - Mesa, AZ - 06/25/04
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Ketchikan: Listen to this KRBD story... The Alaska Mental Health Land Trust Office is soliciting bids for a timber sale on Gravina and Revillagigedo Islands. As Deanna Garrison reports, the proposed sale is drawing mixed reactions from Ketchikan's two mayors.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - linked Friday am - June 25, 2004

Thorne Bay: Listen to this KRBD story... The City of Thorne Bay has a new mayor. Julie Ison took over the job earlier this month after Mayor Stan Osborne resigned. Deanna Garrison has this report.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - linked Friday am - June 25, 2004

Alaska: Governor Applauds Passage of Tobacco Tax Hike - While expressing disappointment that the Legislature failed to take action on a fiscal solution during the special legislative session, Governor Frank Murkowski applauded the passage of the tobacco tax increase.

"Increasing the price of cigarettes is proven to reduce teen smoking," Murkowski said. "The 1997 tobacco tax increase has already discouraged an estimated 1,800 young Alaskans from taking up smoking and becoming addicted to tobacco. As a grandfather, I'm personally very gratified by the Legislature's decision to use a proven tool to improve our kids' public health." - Read more...
Friday - June 25, 2005

photo Mandarin Duck

'Mandarin Duck'
Front Page Photo by Gretchen Moore

Alaska: Change In WIC Program Might Increase Salmon Purchases To Aid Alaska Fishermen - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Wednesday announced that she succeeded in adding a provision to the child nutrition program administrated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that should make it easier for the Department to buy more wild Alaska salmon for the government food programs that provide meals to 37 million children and 2 million lower-income pregnant women yearly. - Read more...
Friday - June 25, 2005

Alaska: Governor Holds Gasline Talks with Canadian Officials - Governor Frank Murkowski and other administration officials met for several hours Wednesday with representatives of Canada's federal government, including its Natural Resources Ministry. The governor said the talks with Canadian officials were "productive and positive" toward reaching the common goal of building a natural gas pipeline from Alaska's North Slope to serve North American markets. - Read more...
Friday - June 25, 2005

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photosRemembering 'Swede' Risland (1915-1991);The town's most memorable logger - People still remember Swede Risland and chuckle when telling stories about him or about his incredible generosity. In his prime he made big money in the woods and all his life he gave it away as easily as he made it! The old logger was no fashion plate and in his later years he had to coax his battered old smoking and coughing yellow pickup all the way up Main Street until it gratefully reached the summit and rolled down Grant Street toward the tunnel - its cargo of salvaged miscellany rattling as it slid forward to clatter against the cab. Swede loved to clean out and organize long-neglected old warehouses and storage sheds and found many a rusty but still-good treasure waiting to be shared and recycled. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Saturday - June 19, 2004

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